Men & Shoes

                                           (Source: Hurts Online)
Hello! Apologies for not posting last week. I was ill and didn't really have the engery to do much. Hope everyone has been enjoying these beautiful days - and not forgetting the nights; the stars have really been something lately. Stunning. So this week I thought I'd post a male orientated post - hence the picture of the flawless group Hurts. I love their style, its so clean and crisp and masculine. If only more men dressed like them!

I know men aren't as obsessed with shoes as women (even though they should be) but there really are some amazing shoes out there for the lads lately. Lodger Footwear have an exceptional Shoe of the Month this april - The Burlington Country Brogue. At £450 it seems like a pricey buy, but oh is it worth it. The detail Lodger put into every shoe amazing and this one is no different. The colour is beautifully rich and makes it easy to take the shoes from day to night. I just love how they have taken influence from hiking shoes - with a strong heel, and large hooks with a subtle thin lace in a contrasting cream. I adore these. They may be the shoe of the month but they are timeless and will last forever.

Another one of my favourite trends for male shoes at the moment is the coloured heel. Fin's for him have perfect examples of this trend.

It looks brilliant, doesn't it! This particular shoe is called The Carter and is priced at £185 and also comes in a grey upper with purple sole, and a brilliant blue with a brown sole. My favourite thing about the pair pictured is the the website states the sole colour as "electric" which is truly is. This is the perfect way to inject some colour into your outfit - whether you like the blue or purple more these are a fabulous summer trend that you will want to be part of.