Versace for H&M

I'm sure there are enough posts on the Versace H&M range, but I never managed to grab anything from the first wave of products as the website was shockingly bad and wouldn't let me get on it until everything was sold out! However I actually managed to get on the website for the Cruise Collection, but I didn't really like any of the clothes, the colours wouldn't suit me at all. But I did manage to pick up a piece of jewellery which I am very happy with!

Lush Bath Bombs & Lip Scrub

I'm not new to lush and I'm sure nobody is, but like me I'm sure there are people that feel somewhat overwhelmed when going into their stores! Everything smells great and there are products absolutely everywhere, I always feel a little unsure what to buy. However on my shopping trip yesterday I thought I'd brave the store (I tend to find the website easier to navigate) and bought a some bath bombs (some I've never tried) and a lip scrub.

Product Review: The Body Shop Chocomania

The Body Shop are releasing a new range for Valentines day called Chocomania. The idea is to get a chocolate fix without all the calories, and the range contains cocoa butter to give you super hydrated skin. The range is already available online and doesn't enter the shops until 2nd February, and includes a body butter (which promises 48hr hydration) a body shop, lip butter, shower gel, body lotion and heart shaped soaps.

The other week (sorry I have only just gotten round to writing about them) I picked up two products:


Girl Panic

I've finally finished my dissertation and so here I am relaxing all snuggled under my duvet. I thought as  I haven't written in a while I'd update you all on what I've got lined up:


Product Review: Latest In Beauty Little Beauty Box

Beauty sample boxes are a huge trend at the moment, with some of  the more well known ones getting more coverage, and I've been searching around for new ones for a bit of variety. I've come across a website called Latest in Beauty that sell a range of luxury samples in various boxes.

This review is about the Little Beauty box, which consists of three samples (you choose which ones you want) and it costs just £1 with free postage. Bargain, right? Before you can order I think you have to open an account with them and fill out a little questionaire that basically determines what kind of person you are, and which products they can offer to suit you. Then you choose which samples you'd like to recieve in three stages. The bit I really liked about this is the £1 is taken through your mobile, they send a code to your phone and you type it in and the quid is deducted from your phone bill, so no fiddling around with a bank card or paypal. Neat! You can order once a month (it'll tell you how many days you have left till you can order again) and its not a subscription.

It comes through the post, and unfortunately my idiotic postman shoved mine through the letterbox so the box is a little bit battered:


Product Review: Latest In Beauty Refresh and Recover Box

Hello! I've wanted to share this box with you since it turned up this morning! This box by Latest in beauty is from their themed range, and I have The Refresh and Recover box. The idea of this box is to kickstart your new year with some beauty products to revitalise you, from the inside and out. This box cost me £6.95 with free postage, and I got to choose two extra samples from 9 choices.