5 Makeup Looks For NYE

On all major events like new years eve everyone spends so much time planning their outfit and all the accessories, but seems to forget that makeup is a major accessory too! I picked out five existing makeup tutorials that would look great for nye '11. At night you can go a little heavier with your makeup, so be dramatic and try something daring that you wouldn't normally wear. Because nye only happens once a year...


Galactic Beetlejuice *

Sorry this is a rushed first post after christmas, I wanted to get one out there! Hope everyone had a fabulous time, I know I had a lot of fun. I wanted to do a quick kind of product review/what I'm wearing/showing off a christmas present!


Christmas Baking

I love cooking and making things but due to poor funds and so much time spent working, I thought I'd go for an easy one and make the ever classic Peppermint Creams.

I loove peppermint creams for their gooey texture and high sugar content, and they are so fun to make - reminiscent of childhood and playdough.


Hair Inspiration

So I've been thinking that I'm really bored of my hair. I quite like the cut at the moment because its quite versatile,  but the colour I am especially bored of. Maybe I should change it? Any ideas on what colour I should go? I've had almost everything so im quite at a loss. (my a button is cocking up and having to jab it really violently)

So here's some hair inspiration that I quite like, maybe people should throw some suggestions my way...


Christmas Wishlist

Its a little late to be writing a christmas wishlist as its only a week away now, but you never know.. I'm not feeling christmassy at all this year so I'm doing allsorts of christmas related things to try and get myself in the mood for it. Oh and I've got the most insane hiccups right now and its really distracting..

5 Things I'd like for Christmas

Antique style compass necklace, £28, Urban Outfitters


Product Review: Body Shop Sparkler Atomizer *

One of the perks of my job includes a few freebies at christmas. Among the freebies this year was a sparkler atomizer, I recieved mine in gold. These pretty bottles are not only good decorations for the dressing table, but are fabulous for those who love a glittery party look. They spray a fine dry shimmer and can be used on the face, body and also on the hair, and look super pretty:


10 Handbags I'd buy right now

So it's a saturday night and I've got work early tomorrow and for once I'm actually bored, so instead of doing all the things I should be I'm posting my 10 favourite handbags I'd buy right now (if I had the money)


Clutch bag, £79.99, Zara


Judy's Vintage Fair *

Its been a busy week and I popped up to London twice, firstly to see The Blanks (Ted's band from Scrubs) at Dingwalls, which was brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed it.