Galactic Beetlejuice *

Sorry this is a rushed first post after christmas, I wanted to get one out there! Hope everyone had a fabulous time, I know I had a lot of fun. I wanted to do a quick kind of product review/what I'm wearing/showing off a christmas present!

I wanted to show my new nebula scarf! I got it as a christmas present and I'm a huuuge fan of the astronomy and I think galaxy print is really underrated in clothing. This one is made by Your Eyes Lie and its super pretty. It comes in a square format so its pretty versatile for wearing it however you want to.

So today I went with a cross between galaxy and beetlejuice. The scarf is youreyeslie, the striped shirt is H&M (last year) worn with a black vest and leggings, and black jacket from Uniqlo.

Also I'm testing out my new webcam here, I finally managed to get one after my built in one decided to stop working...

If I have time tonight I'll do a proper rounds of the best of the christmas presents but I wanted to show this one off to the world straight away!

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