Christmas Baking

I love cooking and making things but due to poor funds and so much time spent working, I thought I'd go for an easy one and make the ever classic Peppermint Creams.

I loove peppermint creams for their gooey texture and high sugar content, and they are so fun to make - reminiscent of childhood and playdough.

There are two recipe versions for this - one that uses raw egg white, and one uses water. If like me you are a bit wary of uncooked egg then use the water recipe (thats the one I used)

1lb of icing sugar
1 tsp lemon juice
a few drops of peppermint flavouring or essence
approx 2 tbsp of water


1 egg white, whisked into light peaks
1 tsp lemon juice
a few drops of peppermint flvouring or essence
1lb of icing sugar

sift the icing sugr into a bowl and mix in as much lemon juice, water or egg white as needed to make  thick, stiff, but pliable paste. Add the peppermint flavouring and mix. Knead on a lightly dusted surface of icing sugar, then roll out nd cut into desired shapes. Leave to set in a cool place (I used the fridge) for 24 hours.

I used edible gliiter in my mixture too to give a bit of sparkle, and I also used a tiny snowflake cookie cutter which I got from here and I can't remember where I got my edible glitter from but that website also sells it too.

For varitions, try sepating the dough and colouring with red and green and mrbling the two together, or try dipping in chocolate!

Enjoy! If anyone tries the egg white version let me know how it goes...

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