My Current Skincare Routine

Theses posts are quite popular at the moment, and I do find them quite interesting myself. I'm going to talk through my current skincare routine, with products I'm using at the moment (maybe not all at once though!). So lets get straight into it with my eye make-up remover; The Body Shop's Waterproof Camomile Eye Make-up Remover. I really hate getting water in my eyes so I tend to like to remove my eye makeup before cleansing or washing - and this does a great job. I put a blob on two cotton pads, hold them over my eyes and the make-up simply melts away. Wonderful. In the way of cleansing, I've recently discovered Foaming Lovely and Porefectly clean by Along Came Betty. I interchange these depending on how my skin is feeling, but Foaming lovely leaves me feeling squeaky clean whilst Porefectly Clean leaves my skin feeling so soft and really helps to prevent any dry patches. You can a review on the Foaming Lovely face wash HERE. After cleansing I move onto toning and I use the The Body Shop Nutriganics Toner, which makes me skin feel so firm and also removes any make-up or cleanser that I missed.

In the way of face masks, I use an array and tend not to stick to the same one. I really like the Montagne Juenesse sachets, but for days when my skin needs a little bit more I use Laidbare For Richer For Porer, which sorts out my large pores and oily skin. Its also a little bit of a scrub so helps to remove any dead skin off my face. I'm planning to write a full review on this product soon.


Spending Ban Wishlist #2

At the moment I'm not doing too badly with my spending ban, but it's early days. I've been having a browse on the Avon website and I've come across a few things I've decided I MUST have in my life. So instead of buying them, I'm putting them on a wishlist, hoping that I'll distract myself enough...

I'm hoping this Violet bubble bath smells like parma violets!

Violet Bubble Bath, £4 / Infinitize Mascara, £10 / Anew Clinical Eye Lift PRO, £19.50 / Planet Spa Revitalising Eye Pads, £5.50

Switch your followers over to Bloglovin'

Hello! Just a quick little post here. It's pretty much well known now that google reader will be disappearing in around three weeks or so, and this means we are all going to lose our followers. So I'm asking if all you lovely followers can transfer your reader list over to Bloglovin', as I think most people use this too and it seems to be the replacement for google reader. Bloglovin' have been really nice and given us all an easy way to do this, and you can simply do it with this link:

If you just want to follow me directly - you can click the button in the right hand bar.

It's very sad to see google reader disappearing and its highly inconvenient as a blogger when you've spent so much time building up following list, but lets all adapt to the change and beat it by getting ahead of the game so nobody loses out. Except google, of course!

Please do transfer all your list over to bloglovin' so you can keep updated on all your lovely bloggers!


Eye Candy Strip Lashes in 009 & GIVEAWAY!

ohBeauty recently contacted me and asked if they could send me some eyelashes to review. I said yes please, and they sent me two packs of the Eye Candy Strip Lashes in the style 009 - one pack for myself, and one to give away to you guys! 

I am a huge fan of the false eyelashes and if you read my blog a lot you'll know that I adore Ardell - they are pretty much my one and only brand I will use, so when I received a set from this brand I was a little wary but excited to try them!

The packaging has a vintage feel to it and I do quite like the candy stripes. The set is a lovely style - full, but still quite natural, and they come in their own little carry/storage case, plus glue.

What can I say, I'm quite impressed. The strip is very thin and light, so it sticks to the lash line very well. The glue it comes with is the average glue I would say - nothing spectacular but it does the job. The lashes also fitted my eyes perfectly so I didn't have to waste time cutting them down to the right size - bonus!

Whilst on, they feel very light and natural. I can't stand eyelashes that you can 'feel' - I find them too irritating throughout the day. The pictures of the lashes are a bit shoddy and I apologise for that - the lighting in my house isn't too great at the moment..

I'm pretty happy with these and I do love the effect they give. I'd like to thank ohBeauty for sending these - I think I may grab another pair!

ohBeauty have sent me a pair to give away to a lovely follower - please use the rafflecopter form below. This is for the UK only I'm afraid (I'm too poor currently to afford international postage)

In the meantime if you are finding that you can't wait, you can use the discount code GET10 to get an extra 10% off at the checkout. Find their website at  OhBeauty.co.uk

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Along Came Betty Foaming Lovely Face Wash

Let me set the scene for you. I'm in tesco's, with the aim of doing a spot of healthy food shopping. You know the likes, quinoa and lettuce and all the things that taste like I'd rather not be eating them. So I got a little distracted and popped into the beauty section, and came across the brand Along Came Betty. I'm pretty sure I've had some bath salts from them before, but that's a little off topic. Everything from the brand was marked with a lovely half price sticker - so I had a little nose and walked away with two products. One of them just so happened to be this Foaming Face Wash. I did pick up the quinoa, but I didn't pick up the lettuce, and the other half of my shopping list. Ooops.

The Along Came Betty range is a skincare/bodycare range inspired by the Hollywood Sirens of past times, and the vintage packaging reflects this.

So the words that really hooked me onto this - brighter radiant skin. Who doesn't want that? I also got drawn in by the fruit I've never heard of either - the Kakadu Plum. Fancy! Soo I paid the lovely half price ticket of £1.74 (full price of £3.49).

Well let me firs of all, tell you how lovely the Kakadu Plum smells - if its anything like this then its bloody lovely. I've never smelt a Kakadu Plum but it smells like, generic fruity, very tropical.