The Budget Series: Collection 2000 Colour Pout Lip Stain in Pout

It feel like I've had this for ages and ages and totally forgotten to write about it - which is shocking as I'm completely in love with this product!

The packaging on this and all the colour swatches on websites show this as a dusky pink - I actually bought this because it is NOT this colour whatsoever. This is a red, and a beautiful red at that - and a good red lip stain is so hard to come by.

This lipstain comes in the form of a felt tip pen nib, easy for application overall, but with the thick nib I can imagine this is difficult on those with thinner lips. Or easier, maybe!

Accessorize Gift Card Haul

So my brother gave me a very generous £40 gift card to spend in monson or accessorize.. and I went with the intention of getting lots of sale bargains...this is what happened...


A Beauty Christmas Present Post

Everyone loves to share what they got for christmas...I'm no different! Trying to keep it beauty related in this post though...

Please click HERE to read my post on my amazing bbloggers secret santa gift!

(warning - picture heavy post)

Lush magic wand bubble bar / Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel / Lush gift card


Bbloggers Secret Santa - My Present

So it's christmas eve and I wanted to save my bbloggers secret santa post for this day.. and I can honestly say I am well and truly delighted with what my amazing blogger sent me! The thing that I find really sweet is that they have really looked through my blog and found gifts to suit me - and managed it spot on. So here's what I got, and I'd like to say thank you to my secret santa for all of these gifts!


The Budget Series: Christmas Glitter Nails part 2

Christmas is all about pure glitter, so I've got my second glitter nails ready! Please read my first post on glitter tipped nails for how to do it and where to find my bargain glitter! Find the post HERE


DIY Christmas: Cinammon Candles

Who doesn't love some DIY at christmas?

Cinnamon candles not only look great, but if you choose a vanilla candle you get a fantastic smell of vanilla and cinnamon when it burns.

I got my dried cinnamon sticks from an florist that sells on ebay as my local florist didn't have them this year, but they were actually cheaper, and you can buy them in various sizes. I bought 50 8cm sticks for £2.75, and you can find the seller HERE


The Budget Series: DIY Christmas Glitter Tipped Nails for under £3

 Christmas is the only time I really wear anything glittery, so this is my glittery tipped nails post that will cost you under £3!

What I used:

I already had the stencils and the clear varnish, I think most people do, but if not you could still buy some and achieve this look for under £5!

Primark False Nails, £1/ A clear nail varnish (I used maybelline express finish topcoat but any will suffice) / Glitter / Nail Stencils

I bought my pot of glitter off ebay. Mine cost me 99p for one pot and I chose the colour "old gold". Find the listing HERE