My Big ASOS Lust List

Sooo I've been kinda ill today and instead of doing all my other posts I thought I'd do a Lust list as I haven't done one in a while! I've been surfing through asos and they have soo much that I like at the moment! Here's my top picks:

Blouse with drop collar, £30

Blouse with double collar, £30


Vintage hair: 1940's Curls

Vintage hair - something so well known, and some people seem to have the knack for it..I'm not one of those people. As you know if you read the post, I recently went to The Chap Olympiad, and you can find that post here, and I wanted a good hairstyle for the event. I had such a struggle with it that I thought I'd share it with you all in case anyone else experiences the same as me.

Okay so first of all, I was aiming for a 30's-40's-50's look, so generally the set brushed out curls rolled under - or whatever I could get that was close to that. I should point out my hair is really bad at holding a strong curl, and I kinda forgot this until I tried to curl it..

Influences/styles I liked..

The Chap Olympiad 2012

The Chap Olympiad - A yearly event of vintage mixed with sporting events, run by the Chap Magazine. I will say it now - possibly the greatest event I have attended. I am already planning next years outfit!

The Chap Olympiad 2012 from twobytwo video on Vimeo.

The event takes place over two days - I went on the Sunday. Saturday was the busier day but Sunday was equally as fantastic.

This is a particularly image heavy post - apologies!

Going to graduation..

 Hello! I'm very happy to announce that on the 10th of July I graduated with a BA (hons) 2:1 in Photography!

It was a very busy and stressful day, but enjoyable, and luckily the weather held out for it.

A slightly picture heavy post but thats what its about!


A Short Note..

Hi guys!

I just wanted to apologise for not blogging recently, unfortunately my laptop has died on me and I've just got a temporary replacement. I'll try and get some posts done this week as I do have a couple of new products I'd like to share with you all! On the other hand, what products are you all enjoying at the moment? Anything you'd recommend?