The Budget Series: Halloween Sugar Skull Make-up

Hello! So I've already had my Halloween celebrations - a little bit early, but I tend to do the weekend rather than the actual day if it doesn't fall on a weekend. So this year I'm actually quite poor so I didn't have the money to fork out on something expensive, and went for the Mexican Day of the Dead sugar skull. Apparently its quite a popular look this year with a DIY tutorial in Company magazine, but they're quite individual designs so its good fun to experiment and create your own look.

Photographs apart from the first one are courtesy of my friend Joanna, I took all my Halloween pics on a disposable (tradition is tradition) and I haven't had it developed yet!


Another Wishlist

Seeing as its my birthday soon, and I turn the big 22, I've been asked what I'd like to get this year so I've been having a good old think about it. I would actually like some new clothes but I've been struggling to even find anything decent in the shops so most of it is beauty related, with some gorgeous jewellery thrown in...so here's the big 22nd birthday wishlist!

Smashbox Classic Photo Finish Primer, £25, Boots/Debenhams/any smashbox retailer


I had this once a long, long time ago, when it came in square bottles, and it was beautiful. I've never really found another foundation primer that matches up so well to this, its perfect!

Real Techniques Stippling Brush, £11.99, Boots/any RT retailer