Tonsilectomy & H&M Haul

It's been another few weeks since I posted, I am struggling to get on top of my time management! I've recently had a tonsillectomy and I'm in recovery at the moment. Tonsillectomies in adults are slightly more complex than in children, and I must admit it has been the most painful experience of my life! If people are interested I may write a post on my time in surgery & post-op. So I've spent a huge amount of time catching up on sleep and flicking through every online retailer I could think of. Turns out the 25% off one item code and the £5 off code are still working on H&M, so decided to order some knits for the winter and some other items, and seeing as I can't do any real posts yet, I wanted to show you all what I bought.

I went for some real neutral colours that reminded me of All Saints, that I can mix up with some real deep berry lipsticks and chunky gold jewellery. I loved the blouse (you can never have too many blouses) and the trousers really got my attention as I'd love to mix up some tailoring in my clothing. And the ring was £3 in the sale, it would of been rude not to!

The codes are - 0747 for 25% off and expires on the 27/09/13 and 1304 for £5 off. Happy shopping!


H&M Biker Jacket & Voucher Codes

I passed my Masters degree! Woooo congratulations to me, looks like I'll be having a second graduation day next year! To celebrate I bought myself a sneaky new purchase. My Camel wool blazer is starting to look a little worse for wear, not to mention the fact that camel is really not an in colour this season, so its time I bought a new jacket. There are loooads of super nice jackets about but I've been toying with the idea of a biker style jacket for a while now, but every time I put on leather I just end up looking like a three piece sofa. Not a great look unless you're actually a sofa. So I came across this jacket from H&M (I am loving their new collection by the way!) and it has just the perfect leather to wool blend ratio. So I've bought it - its not arrived yet, but I just couldn't wait to show you all. I am just loving that side zip and the leather lapels. Oh I can't wait for this baby to arrive.

This jacket, full price, is £34.99, which at that price, I think its a very good one to pay. I'm still in student mode and therefore looking for a bargain whenever I buy anything, and I came across two voucher codes. Turns out on H&M online you can use a maximum of two voucher codes in one transaction - so I used one that gives you £5 off, and another that gives a further 25% off, so it total with postage, I paid a mere £25.14. Now that's the bargain I'm looking for.

I can't recall the expiry of these codes but I'm pretty sure they are good until October - so if you are buying anything from H&M, don't forget to whack in these codes: 1304 and 0560. Beware though, you may have to have severe restraint when ordering, there are too many nice things to choose from.

NOTD #2: Essie Nail Lacquer in Waltz

I feel like I've been away for forever...Hello again! As it probably became clear, I took a little break from blogging. Life got seriously busy - I finished my MA last week and wanted to really focus all my efforts on the exhibition and my last assessment. I didn't make an announcement because I was hoping to be able to blog in between it all - but it didn't really happen. Oops. I'm back now, I've been missing writing and I'm going straight in with a nails of  the day post. These nails are the nails I wore to the private viewing of my exhibition - I went for a very monochrome look with a classic LBD and minimal jewellery, teamed up with this lovely white nail varnish. 

I loved this colour but it took four coats to get a solid white - not for the faint hearted or those without patience. This was also one of my Fragrance direct purchases from a while ago; £1.99 well spent, I think!