H&M Biker Jacket & Voucher Codes

I passed my Masters degree! Woooo congratulations to me, looks like I'll be having a second graduation day next year! To celebrate I bought myself a sneaky new purchase. My Camel wool blazer is starting to look a little worse for wear, not to mention the fact that camel is really not an in colour this season, so its time I bought a new jacket. There are loooads of super nice jackets about but I've been toying with the idea of a biker style jacket for a while now, but every time I put on leather I just end up looking like a three piece sofa. Not a great look unless you're actually a sofa. So I came across this jacket from H&M (I am loving their new collection by the way!) and it has just the perfect leather to wool blend ratio. So I've bought it - its not arrived yet, but I just couldn't wait to show you all. I am just loving that side zip and the leather lapels. Oh I can't wait for this baby to arrive.

This jacket, full price, is £34.99, which at that price, I think its a very good one to pay. I'm still in student mode and therefore looking for a bargain whenever I buy anything, and I came across two voucher codes. Turns out on H&M online you can use a maximum of two voucher codes in one transaction - so I used one that gives you £5 off, and another that gives a further 25% off, so it total with postage, I paid a mere £25.14. Now that's the bargain I'm looking for.

I can't recall the expiry of these codes but I'm pretty sure they are good until October - so if you are buying anything from H&M, don't forget to whack in these codes: 1304 and 0560. Beware though, you may have to have severe restraint when ordering, there are too many nice things to choose from.


  1. congrats on your masters!this is a beaute of a jacket!im so tempted to make an order xx

    Sweet Electric Blog

    1. you definitely should, its such a great price! x