What's In My...? Summer Feet Kit

Hello! I'm probably not the only one who's noticed the sunshine lately! So anyway, weather like this reminds me of dresses, skirts and sandals, amongst other things. Sandals and peeptoes in the summer are amazing - but I've noticed that I always seem to neglect my feet and it gets to this time of year and I panic. So I thought I'd write how I get summer feet - nicely painted, and most importantly..no dry or hard skin.

I'm not saying I'm a lover of feet, but they are one of the most used parts of the body and definitely deserve some TLC, but are often the most forgotten. Really good pedicures can rack up to a decent cost, and if you'd rather diy it, I reckon these will get you well on your way those flip flops.

So I work in retail beauty, and the things that I've noticed people are most concerned about with their feet are:

1. Hard skin on the heels and balls of the feet
2. dry skin all over the foot
3. sore/tired feet
4. unkept toenails

Anyone is lying if they say they have not suffered with at least one of these problems in their life. So heres what I think will sort these out, and keep them at bay:


L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara in Black Lacquer

I always think mascaras are such a tricky one to buy. A lot of them are exactly the same as eachother just with tiny variations in packaging and brush sizes. After my Dior Iconic ran out, I decided to try something new that I've never tried before, and after much deliberation and walking in and out of Boots I ended up going with L'Oreal's Lash Architect 4D in Black Lacquer.

I'm not really sure what the difference between black and black lacquer is?! They offered both so I just went for the one that sounded a bit fancier haha. This mascara can be bought for £10.99 from any high street make-up stockist.

There are a couple of things I look for in a mascara - one is the pigmentation of the black and the brush. I've found a lot of mascaras aren't a true black - and can look kind of greyish on your eyelashes, and I really hate that, so I try and go for the blackest one's I can find. Secondly - the brush for me is really important. I'm not a huge fan of big chunky brushes as I can't get to the edges of my tiny lashes very well - so I tend to buy mascara's with thinner brushes, and preferably in made of rubber as the fibre ones tend to come apart and get stuck in my eyes ( ALWAYS happens to me) however this time I went for a fibre brush to see what happens.

I'll be honest I haven't bought a high street mascara in a long time...

The Budget Series: Sleek True Colour Lipstick in 777 Bare All


So this is the second part of my budget series, and I'm really excited to share with you all this particular product, as I feel as if I've struck oil after finding such a perfect summer colour!

Sleek Makeup is a high street brand that is only available in Superdrug. They also have an online shop (here) and are really reasonable prices. I haven't tried any of their other products other than their lipsticks but they do quite a wide range of foundations, lip colours, eyeshadows etc.

I have previously before bought one of their lipsticks in a really dark shade of red as it was the only place I could actually find the particular shade I was after. For £4 I was pleasantly surprised with the quality, richness of colour and longevity of the lipstick, so much so infact, I recently bought another one.


Yankee Candle Lip Balm in Vanilla Lime

Hello all! This is a bit of a strange post as its not really a review just something which is super cute and definitely a must have!


I was recently browsing through Lucyy Writes' blog and saw her post on yankee candle lip balms. I am a super huge fan of anything Yankee Candle so when I saw that they make lip balms I knew I had to have one!

Aparently these are a US only product but a seller on Ebay managed to get hold of a few (here) and is selling them for £3.99 each, which is a little expensive for a lip balm but its a sweet novelty product that is definitely worth the extra pennies. The flavours available are sweet strawberry, christmas cookie, vanilla lime and vanilla cupcake. Naturally I wanted them all but settled on vanilla lime as this sounded like the most unusual scent.