What's In My...? Summer Feet Kit

Hello! I'm probably not the only one who's noticed the sunshine lately! So anyway, weather like this reminds me of dresses, skirts and sandals, amongst other things. Sandals and peeptoes in the summer are amazing - but I've noticed that I always seem to neglect my feet and it gets to this time of year and I panic. So I thought I'd write how I get summer feet - nicely painted, and most importantly..no dry or hard skin.

I'm not saying I'm a lover of feet, but they are one of the most used parts of the body and definitely deserve some TLC, but are often the most forgotten. Really good pedicures can rack up to a decent cost, and if you'd rather diy it, I reckon these will get you well on your way those flip flops.

So I work in retail beauty, and the things that I've noticed people are most concerned about with their feet are:

1. Hard skin on the heels and balls of the feet
2. dry skin all over the foot
3. sore/tired feet
4. unkept toenails

Anyone is lying if they say they have not suffered with at least one of these problems in their life. So heres what I think will sort these out, and keep them at bay:


Okay so at this point, lets forget what sounds gross and just get on with it.

File A Foot, The Body Shop, £4.50

The easiest and best way to get rid of hard skin is to simply remove it. There are tons and tons of foot files on the market, but I bought this one and I think its the best one so far. Its a flat wooden file, with one side very rough and the other slightly smoother, so it'll get all types of hard skin off. If you've never used a file before, it is a bit weird, literally like grating your skin, but it feels amazing afterwards because you're all smooth and soft. This one I think is the most effective, as its super quick. The wood is also from sustainable forests so you're doing your bit for the environment.


(I should probably apologise for this post being a bit Body Shop heavy, but thats only because I think they ARE the most effective foot range available on the high street at the moment.)

Peppermint Soothing Pumic Foot Scrub, The Body Shop, £7

As scrubs go, we all know what they are for - removing dead skin cells, promoting blood flow and improving circulation - and this can be really useful on the feet too. I guess you could use any type of scrub on the feet, but I especially like this one because it contains chunks of pumice which is superb on the feet for removing and softening hard skin. Peppermint is really cooling and soothing too, so your feet feel amazing afterwards. Don't think I've found a product to match this one yet, have you?


As dry skin goes, its just a case of moisturising. I think any body moisturiser will work great, and I just use what I have to hand. The one I've been using is the one above - The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector. I've been using this because a lot of my body lotions aren't for super dry skin as I have pretty normal skin, and this is the only thing I have. It works pretty well actually, I prefer to use it at night, so I don't walk it off and my feet don't feel all slippery. I've read that you can put lots and lots of lotion on, and then pop some socks on to seal it in, but I haven't found this any more effective than not wearing socks. Let me know if you disagree!


Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray, The Body Shop, £5

Nothing worse than being on your feet all day at work and you just want to die, or wearing those heels that you KNOW are a little too small and you're going to pay for it. Another Body Shop product again, I'm sorry, but I literally survive on this stuff after work. Menthol is sooo soothing on the skin, and this spray is so so easy to use and dries very quickly. It calms tired feet down and feels all tingly and very relaxing, and also the peppermint fragrance is very good for spraying in people's shoes to remove any odor (smelly brother's trainers, anyone?) This also comes in a travel size, so great for popping into your handbag.


I'm not going to pretend I know a lot about pedicures, because I don't really. I just think that your toenails should be treated with the same care as your hands (cuticle maintenance, shaping/cutting, painting) but I'm quite lazy with how I do mine so I just use products that make it really easy.

Natural Collection Toe Separators, Boots, £2

I used to think these were pretty redundant but after using them they are really handy. They just separate the toes (obviously) so you can paint them easier without any smudging or sticking together. I'm showing the boots ones but I think you can pick them up like everywhere. I don't even know where mine are from (£1 shop probably)

Again this is totally optional, but I like to use a really easy netural colour that goes with everything, and just finishes my toes off nicely - so I use MUA's Love Hearts nail varnish in I <3 U. Its neutral and brightening and looks very clean. Whats your favourite colour for toe nails?

So thats everything I think, I looove peppermint foot products, I think they are just the best for feet! What's your favourite foot products? Do you prefer to get them done by a pro, or save and do it yourself?

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