Real Techniques Sculpting Brush VS Brush Works Multi-Tasking Brush

It's really terrifying how fast time flies. I told myself I'd take a 'short break' away from blogging, and the next thing I know its 2016 and the last time I wrote was 2014....I'll start with an apology as I'm not quite sure where I have been or what I have been doing all this time! If you can forgive me for being away for so long I'll tell you all about these two brushes that I have been sent.

A couple of weeks ago an email popped up in my inbox from the team at www.makeupbrushes.co.uk, offering me the opportunity to choose two brushes from their ranges available. I said yes please (of course) and chose two brushes that I could compare, a slightly  less known brand Brush Works and everybody's favourite, Real Techniques.

Makeup Brushes sent these out to me pretty quickly and I tested each one for a whole week each with different foundations to see what they could do, and I must say I'm really impressed with both. The Brush Works Multi-Tasking brush is a soft, fluffy brush that blended in all my favourite foundations, including the slightly thicker liquids such as Studio Fix Fluid without any problem. The only bad thing I could say about this one, and it's not even a bad thing, is that the brush is slightly smaller than the RT brush so takes seconds longer to do your whole face. I told you I was struggling to say something bad about it...

The Real Techniques brush obviously lived up to my expectations as well so I'm not going to say a huge amount about it as most of us know how great they are. I loved the angled brush and it blended areas such as my nose and my jaw very quickly. This brush also worked great for sculpting and with blusher, and the Brush Works brush also handled both of these tasks very well.

I'm pleasantly surprised with the quality of the Brush Works Multi-Tasking Brush and honestly didn't expect it to be on par with the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush, but I've learnt my lesson and will pay more attention to this brand!

Brush Works Multi-Tasking Brush retails at £6.99 and Real Techniques Sculpting Brush retails at £8.99, and both can be purchased with free delivery from www.makeupbrushes.co.uk

You can also follow them on Facebook www.facebook.com/makeupbrushes.co.uk

 Have you tried either of these brushes before? What did you think?