Dior Extase Mascara

Hello! Its been a week or so since I last posted, been very busy with work lately. So today I'm showing you a mascara I've had quite a while, and ive only very realised its actually so good. A little while back I got a kit of two Dior mascaras, one being the Extase in a mini form. I'm reviewing it today because its excellent! The other mascara that came with it was the Iconic, which I have used before, and will do a separate post on.

I think everyone is on the quest for the perfect mascara. This one is Dior's, and costs around £20 depending on where you buy it from. It is more expensive than some I've tried before but its nice to have a luxury product that gives good results, as sometimes the cheap ones dry out super quickly or clump.


The Body Shop Lipscuff

A little while ago I bought Lush's lip scrub (you can view the post on that here) and I recently got the Body Shop's version called Lipscuff. Its an exfoliant for your lips that comes in a stick form to remove any dead skin off dry or chapped lips, creating a soft smooth base thats perfect for lipstick or gloss. It costs £8, and I'll review the product and then do a quick comparision between the Lush version and the Body Shop version, and which is better...

What's in my...Facial skincare regime: Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream

 Hello! A few posts back I asked people what they would like to see me post about and one suggestion was the things I use in my facial skincare regime. I quite like reading these sorts of posts as although product reviews are great, its really interesting to see the things that have stuck in people's routines. So I am dubbing this the first in the series of "What's in my...?" and today we will be looking at my skincare, in particular the Body Shop's Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream.


Dead Sea Spa Magik Algimud Active Seaweed Face Mask

Hello there! A little while ago I picked up a face mask from Debenhams and I've only just gotten round to giving it a go. This face mask is the Algimud Seaweed mask by Dead Sea Spa Magik. The Dead Sea Spa Magik make a range of products that are used in spas but also for use at home. This mask is a detox mask, with dead sea mud, salt and seaweed that claims to leave your skin super soft and youthful. The great thing about this one is its a peel off mask so there is no messy cloths or flannels afterwards! Also it is paraben free.


What would you like to read about?

Hello guys! I've been thinking a lot about what sort of things I'm posting about, and I thought that a lot of bloggers don't blog about the things that people REALLY want to read about. So here is your chance to let me know what you want me to post about! It can be about a product that you've always wanted to try and didn't want to waste the money on, product comparisons, beauty techniques, or questions you want to ask me. Absolutely anything that fits in with my blog, which is pretty much anything! So get your thinking caps on and get in contact with anything you want to know the real skinny on, or any burning questions you have.

You can either contact me through commenting on this post, emailing me at loveandglamourblog@gmail.com or tweeting at @naomigraham - whichever method you prefer. I'd really love to hear from you, however basic or complex it is! All requested posts will be labelled as so.

Get in touch!



The Body Shop Born Lippy Stick Lip Balm in Pink Berry & Lychee *

For as long as I can remember the body shop has always been the place to go for lipbalms - especially as a child. The born lippy pots hold fond memories for me as a child; I loved the smells, the colours and the fact that they were only £2, it seemed like a bargain to me as they lasted for absolutely forever. My favourite used to be the watermelon, for the smell and the baby pink tint it would leave.

Nowadays the body shop offer a ton of lipbalms and butters - and have a new range of the Born Lippys that come in a stick. Great for those who like tinted balms and the fruity smells but don't want to stick their manicured hands into a little pot all the time. As an adult now, I do prefer stick lipbalms for their convenience.

Elf Cosmetics

Apologies for taking sooo long to get this up - its been half written in my drafts for so long and then I got struck with the worst flu of my life so its taken me a while to get all the pictures done for it. Here it is anyway, enjoy!

I took advantage of Elf's 30% off code yesterday and ordered a couple of things. What has really impressed me is I ordered thursday morning and the package turned up the very next day! I only got standard delivery so I am very impressed.

For those know don't know elf (eyeslipsface.co.uk) they are an online make-up brand offering quality products but without the huge pricetag. They do everything from mineral make-up to nail varnish with prices as low as £1.50, perfect for those on a budget!

I am not new to Elf but I ordered all new items apart from one so I'm sharing them all with you:


A little note to you all..

Hellooo guys! This isn't a proper blog post just a little update and apology for not posting at all lately. I've been super sick with flu and finally budged it in the last couple of days. Unfortunately my bad luck has carried on and I've fractured my finger so ive got them all strapped up which makes typing a little slower. booo. I will be posting this week though; I've got my elf post to fnish (which I started before the flu hit me) and a post on some new lip balms from the Body Shop - also a few face mask by Dead Sea Magik which I need to give a go; its aparently a favourite of Caprice's.

So bear with me I will be updating within the next few days but my typing is a little slow due to one hand being partly impaired!