The Body Shop Lipscuff

A little while ago I bought Lush's lip scrub (you can view the post on that here) and I recently got the Body Shop's version called Lipscuff. Its an exfoliant for your lips that comes in a stick form to remove any dead skin off dry or chapped lips, creating a soft smooth base thats perfect for lipstick or gloss. It costs £8, and I'll review the product and then do a quick comparision between the Lush version and the Body Shop version, and which is better...

Soo the thing I really like about this one is it comes in a stick form which is super easy to use and very tidy. However, you don't really get much on the stick. Below is the photo of the stick at full size (I have used it once but it didn't take that much off). Not much huh? But then it may last very well, who knows.

I can't find any information on what the gritty bits are, but I have a feeling it might be something like ground brazil nut or something. The scuff also contains beeswax and fig, and has a slight scent of mint so I suspect there is a menthol product in there somewhere. To use, just rub over the lips to remove any dead skin, and wipe any excess product off. Its super easy and really quick and does quite a good job.

In comparison to the lip scrubs provided by Lush, these are better due to the fact they have no expiry date so last a lot longer, and are super quick and clean to use, as the lush pots can be a bit messy. The Lush scrubs are better for a cheaper, fun alternative that you can actually eat if there is any excess on your lips. I feel however, that they both do an equal job at exfoliating, so really, its just down to personal preference. I think for me, I'll use this one more, as I was really disappointed at spending £5 on my Lush scrub that had an expiry date of two weeks.

Whats your favourite lip scrub?

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