The Body Shop Born Lippy Stick Lip Balm in Pink Berry & Lychee *

For as long as I can remember the body shop has always been the place to go for lipbalms - especially as a child. The born lippy pots hold fond memories for me as a child; I loved the smells, the colours and the fact that they were only £2, it seemed like a bargain to me as they lasted for absolutely forever. My favourite used to be the watermelon, for the smell and the baby pink tint it would leave.

Nowadays the body shop offer a ton of lipbalms and butters - and have a new range of the Born Lippys that come in a stick. Great for those who like tinted balms and the fruity smells but don't want to stick their manicured hands into a little pot all the time. As an adult now, I do prefer stick lipbalms for their convenience.

So the new range of Born lippy sticks come in slightly different flavours available than those in the pots; so from left to right you have pomegranate, pink berry, toffee, strawberry, plum and lychee. They are also a little more expensive, with the pots at £2 and the sticks at £3, but its worth the extra quid for the new flavours.

So I chose to invest in just two of these as I already have a mountain of lip balms that I use a couple of times and then forget about - and I chose Pink Berry and Lychee.

One thing I really like about these is the pop art inspired packaging - its fun, fresh and makes them stand out amongst other products. I chose Lychee (left) and Pink Berry due to the colours and the smells mostly - toffee does not appeal to me and quite frankly smelt more like coffee, and I've never been a huge fan of Pomegranate.

Lychee has a really unusual smell. Its fruity but not overpowering and a teeny bit floral. Pink berry is just gorgeous; it doesn't have a particular fruit that it smells like, just has a refreshing fruity scent and is very strong.

(please excuse my wimpy photos but my camera didnt behave today)

So the picture above is the Lychee. Whats really nice is the shimmery glitter in the stick and it puts a lovely gleam on your lips, so its great to wear during the day for lip protection.


Even though Pink Berry (above) has a lovely pink colour, this doesn't really come off onto your lips. It leaves a very very barely noticeable tint with a tiny shimmer which is quite pretty. The smell is lovely though, you can smell it for ages after you've put it on and I really like that about the product.

These are fun lipbalms with quirky packaging and lovely smells. They are no better than the original born lippy pots but have the ease of a stick, which is a winner for me.

What is your must have lip balm?

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