Dead Sea Spa Magik Algimud Active Seaweed Face Mask

Hello there! A little while ago I picked up a face mask from Debenhams and I've only just gotten round to giving it a go. This face mask is the Algimud Seaweed mask by Dead Sea Spa Magik. The Dead Sea Spa Magik make a range of products that are used in spas but also for use at home. This mask is a detox mask, with dead sea mud, salt and seaweed that claims to leave your skin super soft and youthful. The great thing about this one is its a peel off mask so there is no messy cloths or flannels afterwards! Also it is paraben free.

So the pack is a 25g pack and I paid £3.65 from Debenhams. They vary in price depending where you buy them from but this seems to be a rough average. It comes in a nice little envelope-style packet with lots of information, hints and tips and instructions everywhere (pictures included in case you get totally confused).

So this is what you get in your packet - a sachet of the face mask and a wooden spatula for application. The trick with this one is you mix it up yourself - the sachet contains a dry power that you mix with 75ml of cold water, and you're good to go.

So for this I used a few things: A non metallic bowl for mixing (I picked up a baby one from a pound shop), a spatula (I used a plastic one instead of the one in the packet because I prefer them), a little measurer for the water and the packet mix. Also I used (not pictured) vaseline on my eyebrows which is recommended by the hints and tips section to protect them from the mask, as it can be difficult to get it out of hair.

The powder before it gets mixed up.

Once you've mixed the powder with the water it looks like this, which isn't particularly nice, but then from a mud face mask, its what you'd expect.

So once you've mixed it up you have to apply it very quickly because it starts to dry quickly! The spatula is good for mixing it up but also for application, as this could be very messy if  you use your fingers. The consistency is thick but spreadable, but not drippy.

I'm not brave enough to put up a photograph of what it looks like when its on, but apply a thick layer of it onto the skin and it begins to dry within minutes, where it goes smooth and almost rubbery. The smell isn't great, it has that faint pond scent to it but its totally bearable. Whilst its on it feels very cooling and relaxing; you can't move your face though or you'll crack it. It recommends that you leave it on for 10-20 minutes, and I left mine on for about 12, where it started to feel looser so I judged this as time for it to come off.

It dries super quickly as you can tell, and this is the leftovers that I couldn't fit on my face, and as you can see it dries rubbery which makes it easy to clean off the bowl as it peels right off.

When taking off the mask, I was very impressed with how easily it peels off. I've used peel off masks before and they come off in little pieces, but I managed to get it off in three chunks with no leftover residue on my face. If you are an expert I can imagine you could pull it off in one but I'm not that good haha. When you take it off, the underside feels kind of damp, I can't figure out why this is. I think the ingredients in it do this and this is how it is so easy to remove from your skin. 

I realised whilst writing this that the placement of my three pieces looks like a face, but this is not how it came off my skin, I've just slapped them down so you can see the underside of the mask and how easy it is to remove.

My skin afterwards felt all refreshed and suuuuper soft, probably the softest its ever felt from a face mask. I am very happy with how my skin felt afterwards, and it was possibly my imagination but it appeared to look a bit brighter!

It doesn't say how often you would need to use this to see long term results, but I would say maybe once a week. At £3 a week its not the cheapest face mask, but its one of the better ones I have found, so I think I would be prepared to pay this.

Have you tried any of the Dead Sea Magik range? Whats your favourite face mask?


  1. I'm really curios to try it :) I've seen it in my local Holland&barett shop

  2. I've heard good things about this dead sea product! Going on my wish ♥ list now.