1990 was 21 years ago

As the entire world probably knows it was my birthday last week, and I've got round to blogging about all the beautiful things I've been given by my lovely friends and family, and all the fun I had!

A lot of my photos are missing because they're on a disposable camera that I haven't got round to developing yet, so when I do, I'll post a few up.


Happy Birthday Mr President

 I've been suuper busy with my dissertation so neglected this a lot. I'm useless..

So anyway heres my belated halloween post. This year I knew I'd be really busy so I wanted something quick and easy, so I went for the "shot in the head"

Here was my practice run. My blood was a litle off, but the wound was quite good. On the night it looked like this..


Hello Again

Its been like fucking forever since I blogged but life kinda ran away with me but now I feel ready to get back into it again, probably with a little more relaxed format.

What have I been doing since I last posted?