Hello Again

Its been like fucking forever since I blogged but life kinda ran away with me but now I feel ready to get back into it again, probably with a little more relaxed format.

What have I been doing since I last posted?


I almost became Charlie Sheen's intern

Until I realised they wouldn't hire me because I'm not a US resident.

I had my first really close death

I lost my granddad on the 25.05.11, which I think coincides with around the time I stopped posting.

I went to the Vogue Experience and met Franca Sozzani and Manolo Blahnik

I'm the miffed looking in black one after six hours of waiting. You can find the video on the Vogue Italia website.

I went on an English holiday to Cornwall

It was a very beautiful and relaxing time but obviously I wasn't to expect anything better from the weather.

I published my first book

It is called The Absolute and is not for general sale yet as I'm still sortingout the copyright jargon. All photography by me with poetry from the one and only Duane Michals.

I got a new job at The Body Shop

I work part time retail whilst I'm finishing up uni. Epect lots of body shop related posts.

I think that kind of takes us up to about now. So I want to leave you with a documentary that I found really inspiring, if you've got a spare half hour watch it. It teaches amazing confidence and to be healthy and happy, mentally and physically whatever your size. I think its a very important lesson for anyone, because if you can love yourself you can do anything you want really.

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