Happy Birthday Mr President

 I've been suuper busy with my dissertation so neglected this a lot. I'm useless..

So anyway heres my belated halloween post. This year I knew I'd be really busy so I wanted something quick and easy, so I went for the "shot in the head"

Here was my practice run. My blood was a litle off, but the wound was quite good. On the night it looked like this..

And I took a film camera out with me like I do on most major events..

 Its my 21st birthday on the 17th, so I bought myself a little early present. H&M were kind enough to send me a 50% off code on my favourite product, so naturally I abused this twice.

First one is sold out now, but the other one is still available, full price £24.99

And heres a couple of birthday wishes..

                                                              Cuff by Soo Ihm Kim

                                                                  Asos Premium Pocket Watch

                                                            Disney Couture bangle

                                                         Alexander McQueen Leopard Skull Scarf

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