1990 was 21 years ago

As the entire world probably knows it was my birthday last week, and I've got round to blogging about all the beautiful things I've been given by my lovely friends and family, and all the fun I had!

A lot of my photos are missing because they're on a disposable camera that I haven't got round to developing yet, so when I do, I'll post a few up.

I stole these two photos off my dad because again, a lot of mine are on my disposable! This was my lovely cake with pink glitter and the most amazing cake candelabra! The glitter doesn't really sparkle here, but take my word for it, it was super sparkly.

So on the day I was taken for a meal, the restaurant was very beautiful with silver service, and the food was amazing (nepalese/indian style), not forgetting of course the wine (mm) so I felt suuper spoilt.

Above you can see what I wore to the meal, the dress is from H&M and is a lovely neutral colour with a slightly ruffled chest, worn with a black jacket from Uniqlo and flats which aren't pictured here (bare feet in the photo) My dad isn't the most flattering photographer unfortunately..

On the friday night I went for a few cocktails with my friends, everyone dressed up beautiful and looked super hot, again, most of the best pictures are on the disposable but here are a few digital for now..

The dress I wore again was H&M, worn with a black blazer and pink (same colour as the dress) heels with a velvet bow on the front from New Look a few months ago.

So onto the highlights of my presents! All of them were amazing and I recieved some beautiful things and giftcards but at the risk of sounding pretentious and spoilt I can't write about them all..

These came as separate little gift sets and me being an idiot forgot who makes them before throwing the packaging away! I think they are the type of makeup sets you can buy in boots, but these ones are good because they came with full instructions on creating certain looks if you aren't too makeup savvy. The top set as you can see has a  colour to match every outfit, and came with pink and clear little gems that are super cute. The bottom set is a mix of cream eyeshadows and loose glitters, which come in handy for sooo many things and the colour range means they are perfect for everything! I haven't tested them out yet but I dabbed a little of the glitters on my hand and they had an intense colour.

The eyeshadows also came with this silver highlighter, and the test on my hand shows the colour, which is quite pretty. I've only ever used gold highlighters so its nice to have a silver one for choice.

I was lucky enough to be given these cute little enamel stud earrings by Marc Jacobs! They are a great subtle earring that doesn't stab into the back of your ear like some do! the backs are shaped like little gold bolts and are really secure.

It was on my wishlist, and I was given it! This beautiful enamel bangle by Disney Couture is so adorable and fits my first perfectly. It has a little snap clasp that makes it easy to get on and off without struggling to push if over your hands if you have chunky fingers. I used a stock photo because my rubbish camera couldn't do it any justice. It reads 'have faith in your dreams' which is a really special message for me.

Again I used a stock photo, I'm writing this in the evening and my camera isn't showing the beauty of it. This bangle is made by Soo Ilm Kim and mine was a US import so I'm not sure if you buy it or not in the UK, but its so worth it. Its beautifully made, really heavy and is such a simplistic statement piece. I think I'll be wearing it with a lot of outfits!

I've been after a new perfume for a while, for a long time I used Miss Dior Cherie by Dior, a few Versace ones and then I swapped to Giorgio Armarni, but I wanted a new scent as I feel I've outgrown the others. I was given Love by Chloe and it has a lovely scent, young but not too young with a very very slight musk, so its mature without being too old. I especially love the little chain connecting the lid and bottle as I'm forever losing lids to things.

A few other little bits from some kind friends - a beautiful pendant, a gorgeous marbled styled ring, a cute charm bracelet and some sterling silver pearl earrings. They are all adorable and perfect for so many different outfits.

So these are just some of the highlights of my very special 21st, I recieved some beautiful books, a beautiful sterling silver SUPER shiny bangle, and a few cheeky gift cards. I've been told the celebrations aren't over yet so I'm looking forward to being spoilt some more!

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