Judy's Vintage Fair *

Its been a busy week and I popped up to London twice, firstly to see The Blanks (Ted's band from Scrubs) at Dingwalls, which was brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Secondly, and mostly what this post is about, we also visited The Old Spitalfields market last saturday for the first Judy's Affordable Vintage fair. Spitalfields were kind enough to give me £60 of vouchers to spend too!

John and I split the vouchers between us. Here's what we managed to pick up:

These beautiful 20's round glasses are so amazing, and we picked them up for a tenner. In time the lenses will be replaced with tinted ones to create the ultimate retro sunglasses.

We also picked up two Cravats that were two for a fiver, one in a baby blue and another in an off white. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to get a photo of them before he took them home..
Also picked up was a beautiful tan suede waistcoat for £20. Its vintage Burton's, and previously discovered Burton used to make really crisp men's clothes. Maybe not the case anymore..

Enjoying a coffee break

I managed to pick up two things after debating lots and lots with fur coats and scarves.

This was a chance buy after browsing a stall and it was hidden in the corner; a leather vintage purse. After a bit of haggling managed to pick it up for a fiver, and its an absolute bargain for that price. The metal needs a bit of polishing but apart from that its in pretty good condition.

I just love this leather bag that I came across, especially the metal bar opening on it, its so unique. This was sold by Velvet Eccentric  "For the woman who wants to express her flamboyant side" (velvet-eccentric.co.uk)  and it cost £20.

So all in all it was a good turnout, and I was impressed with the selection of men's and women's clothing. If you get the chance to attend this fair, do so; it's worth it! Check their website to find one that runs near you www.vintagefair.co.uk

Oh, and for John's birthday last friday I made a Moustache Cake.


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