Product Review: Body Shop Sparkler Atomizer *

One of the perks of my job includes a few freebies at christmas. Among the freebies this year was a sparkler atomizer, I recieved mine in gold. These pretty bottles are not only good decorations for the dressing table, but are fabulous for those who love a glittery party look. They spray a fine dry shimmer and can be used on the face, body and also on the hair, and look super pretty:

In my shop we sold out instantly of these after getting a small delivery come in, so they are looking to be super popular, and after checking the body shop website appear to have also sold out on there! There are a few on Ebay at the moment retailing at about £12, and if you ove your glitter they are definitely something you'll want to get your hands on.

                                          One spray of glitter gives you a decent amount

I'm not generally a huge fan of glitter and shimmer but these are quite pretty so I'm glad I have one, and surprisingly it washes out of your hair and comes off your face easily, but sticks a little to clothes after one wash. Also new ones have a clear stopper in them, and make sure you remove this before spraying or it will backfire and explode and leave you in a glittery mess, which isn't as cool as it sounds..

So all in all, the sparklers do exactly what they say, and come in a decorative sturdy bottle which makes for an interesting dressing table piece. So if you want to sparkle this christmas, invest in one.

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