Crackle Polish & Cracked Heels

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This week I've come across some new clothing lines! The First is the Amy Winehouse collection with Fred Perry. It sounds awful at first, doesn't it? Although at a closer inspection it isn't that bad. I'm generally not a fan of Fred Perry, I have owned a couple of items in past but never really been a regular shopper. The new line collaborates the fred perry style with Amy's mod designs. I think it's a little bit disappointing - literally what you expect with a lot of check shirts and polos but I guess that is the style she is most known for. This embroidered crop cardigan is lovely, the bold colour in a crop is on trend with some of this season's styles and it feels very 1950's pinup. This straw waist belt is also eye catching, and reminds me of summer (straw always reminds me of the sun for some reason) and i think would look lovely with a floral dress. Not so keen on the matching visor and clutch bag however, but if you love your Fred Perry you will probably like this collection too.


Spring & Skincare

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So in the wide world it's been a busy week, with Japan hit by a superearthquake and also a Tsunami on Friday 11 March. My thoughts are with all those affected, those who have lost their lives and those who lost family and friends.

On a lighter note, I've come across a witty blog. For those who know The Sartorialist (if not, check the link beforehand or it won't make much sense) comes The Catorialist, archiving feline fashion. It's an enjoyable read that will make you smile at the whimsical writing. For another laugh, also Take a weird break. It's a collection of all the ridiculous headlines in those cheap weekly "real life stories" magazines that everyone has seen. One of my favourite blogs.


Introductions & How do you do?


The First and last post are always the hardest. Welcome to the only column you'll ever need..

So its spring soon, after what seems like the longest winter, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who can feel the air changing outside and packing away the coats already..
If you're thinking about building up your s/s wardrobe, give yourself a headstart with a 20% off voucher in the latest issue of More! magazine. (issue 686 14 march '11) for New Look, with a free insert so you can get a glimpse at all the goodies on offer.

So I'm planning to write this on a weekly basis, covering absolutely everything in life; not just for females, but also for the men who like to take care of themselves too.