Crackle Polish & Cracked Heels

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This week I've come across some new clothing lines! The First is the Amy Winehouse collection with Fred Perry. It sounds awful at first, doesn't it? Although at a closer inspection it isn't that bad. I'm generally not a fan of Fred Perry, I have owned a couple of items in past but never really been a regular shopper. The new line collaborates the fred perry style with Amy's mod designs. I think it's a little bit disappointing - literally what you expect with a lot of check shirts and polos but I guess that is the style she is most known for. This embroidered crop cardigan is lovely, the bold colour in a crop is on trend with some of this season's styles and it feels very 1950's pinup. This straw waist belt is also eye catching, and reminds me of summer (straw always reminds me of the sun for some reason) and i think would look lovely with a floral dress. Not so keen on the matching visor and clutch bag however, but if you love your Fred Perry you will probably like this collection too.

I'm quite excited for Cath Kidston's collaboration with Uniqlo; it has great potential and I really hope they go all the way with it. The collection isn't released until Monday 21st March, but you can preview some of the styles on the Uniqlo Uk facebook page.

If you were a fan of Barry M's Instant Nail Effects you'll be pleased to see they have released three new colours; White Frost, Pink Fizz and Blue Print. If you want a wider colour range keep your eyes on Model's Own who are releasing their own version " Smash-up crackle nail polish" in nine colours - coming soon on April 20th.

If you didn't pick up last week's issue of More! magazine for the new look discount voucher, they are still doing promotions. Click here for some vouchers for the Uk, and here for Ireland.

As promised, updates on my journey for summer feet - introducing The Ped Egg Diaries
Day 1: Was a little terrified of using this thing. The blades seem kinda sharp. There's an advert in which they show it being used against a balloon and it doesn't burst. So it must be gentle..It wasn't actually as weird as I thought it would be. Although I must say it feels very strange using a cheesegrater on your feet. They do feel softer though. Byebye winter feet!
Day 2: Tried again with a little bit more as I only did a bit of it yesterday as I got bored throughout. They feel and look a lot better actually, but I am debating whether to just have a pedicure.. a small price to save me all this effort. The egg also comes with a buffing side, which from what I have gathered smooths the area you've essentially grated off. It helps used with some moisturiser.
Day 3: Gave the feet a rest today, there are parts that are a little sore where I am now walking on fresh skin. Just moisturised lots. I'm using Scholl's Cracked Heel Repair Cream. It promises results in three days although my skin isn't as harsh as pictured on the box.
Day 4: Feet STILL sore! Whoops. I guess it takes time for your feet to adjust to walking on softer skin! Note to everyone debating any sort of hard skin removal - don't take too much off or you will feel the pain. Still moisturising using the Scholl cream. I've noticed it makes your feet feel great for instantly, but tends to wear off during the day..maybe my feet are adjusting to it..
Day 5: No longer sore but I'm easing off the ped egg on a daily basis. I thought I had a lot of hard skin but obviously not as much as I thought. There is a noticeable improvement, for sure. I think I'll use this once weekly, maybe twice at a push. 

What's in your Skincare Routine?
This week I'm covering the regulars in my facial skincare routine - just the ones that get regular use (or we'll be here all night)


   (1) I found that when removing my makeup, baby wipes are the best. I wear tough mascara that is a nightmare to get off, and baby wipes seem to be the only thing that removes it painlessly (no joke.) I alternate between Simple baby wipes and Johnson's baby wipes. Both are fragrance free, alcohol free and hypoallergenic. The johnson's come in packs of 64 and the simple in packs of 80 (the johnson's are slightly larger). I sometimes find the johnson's sting my skin (i find this worrying as they are primarily for babies?) and the simple tend to dry out quickly. Either way they are so much cheaper than makeup wipes and ten times more effective. If you haven't made the switch yet, do.
   (2) I love these Witch pore strips. I used to be allergic to witch hazel as a child but it seems to have cleared. These go across your nose and remove and blackheads or dirt that has built up. Plenty of brands do different variations but I'm stuck on these at the moment. They also claim to remove excess oil and reduce pore size.
   (3) This came in a little kit but I have used up the rest. Home microdermabrasion kits are becoming increasingly more popular, and this is part of mine. It's by Roc and its beautiful, containing super fine crystals that deep cleanse the skin. It doesn't leave you feeling sore and I have never had a reaction to it. It lasts absolutely forever (i have had this soo long!) anyone who has stubborn dry skin I recommend you try microdermabrasion. Better than normal exfoliants. I use this normally every other day as my skin tends to dry out very quickly and goes flaky due to the foundation I wear.
   (4) I think everyone has tried these facemasks by Montagne Jeunesse. This one is an anti-stress mud pac for normal, oily and tzone skin and promises a deep pore cleanse. I haven't actually tried it yet so I can't comment, but I've found the MJ face packs to be very good in the past, and they retail at roughly a pound in most shops.
   (5) Sanctuary are my new discovery. I have seen the products in Boots for sooo long, and never get round to buying them. This tube contains the 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask. It contains warming charcoal for perfectly clean and purified skin. They sell these in trial-size sachets for £2.03, and I highly recommend you try this before buying the larger tube, in case you don't like it. It has a warming sensation when rubbed into the skin, it feels quite nice but a bit odd if you've never had anything like this before. Your skin really does feel so clean afterwards, and it so quick to use. I highly recommend this! I use this maybe about three times a week, or whenever I feel I need to.
   (6) I only use this every now and again, maybe every two weeks and i find it quite harsh on my skin. Best use for the t-zone I've found. This is for refining pores and making skin look more radiant, and its by Soap and Glory. Avoid if you have super sensitive skin, it'll only irritate it.
   (7) I LOVE these Tea Tree Exfoliating Pads by The Body shop! They are perfect for every day use as the exfoliation is soo gentle. They smell so yummy (but only if you like tea tree!) and help if you are prone to outbreaks or blemishes. A body shop consultant told me these can dry out your skin but I have never found that. You get 40 pads in one tub and they cost £6.00.
   (8) I bought this little brush at the same time as I bought the tea tree pads. Its an exfoliating brush also by the Body Shop. Its really good for dry brushing on your face to remove dead skin cells, and is small enough to also be used on the lips (a cheap alternative to this is a dry toothbrush also). As it promotes blood flow it makes your skin feel so alive afterwards. I use this maybe every time I exfoliate with my Roc microdermabrasion, or if my lips are feeling slightly weathered by the wind. I guess like everything, use when you need to.
   (9) When I'm wearing very little eye make-up or a mascara that is less stubborn, I use these Boots Eye Make-up Remover Pads. I also pop them in my makeup bag if I'm staying somewhere overnight and want to travel lighter. They are very cheap, and you get 40 pads per pot. They are fragrance free (and actually are) and state they are suitable for all skin types. If you aren't a fan of oily products stay away from these, but they feel like they moisturise the eye area, which has such delicate skin and is often neglected by people.
   (10) I do have a bit of a soft spot for lush products. These are called Toner Tabs, and I haven't seen a product like this anywhere else. They are little powder tablets that you pop into a bowl of hot water, and let the steam act as a mini sauna on your face. They come in four different types (fourth is recently new) and the selection I have here contains vitamin C, vitamin e, and tea tree. On the website they retail at 75p each for vit c & e and 99p for tea tree, however instore I think you can discount if you buy something like 5 or more. They are great for opening up the pores, soothing skin and relaxing and refreshing you. I use this fortnightly.
   (11) For my face moisturiser, I use Garnier Vitamin Radiance cream. I find Garnier skin products very gentle, and very light. This is a great everyday cream that doesn't leave a sticky residue and is good for putting on underneath makeup without having to wait for it to skin in. I use daily.
   (12) If you don't like the smell of rose avoid this product. This is the Body Shop's Vitamin E Face mist, and provides refreshing moisturising with a couple of sprays. No rubbing in cream, no sticky face, this stuff is brilliant and is most popular for its ability to set makeup. It is for all skin types, its main ingredient being rosewater, and comes in a handy 100ml bottle. Perfect for travelling and your handbag.
   (13) I put these altogether as they all do the same thing. Spot creams. We've all got them. For spots I think Clearasil is the best brand. I've never suffered with severe acne, just the odd spot, so I don't know too much about fighting spots. But when I get one I use these. They have different stages - the pump is an overnight serum that will work on clearing spots while you sleep, the clear pen is for the early stages of a spot - when you feel it coming and fights it before it gets too bad, and the blue tube is for spots that are fully formed.
   (14) I think Vaseline is in almost every girl's makeup bag! They have so many different types now, but my favourite is the sun protection. It contains has an spf of 15 so its great for those sunny days to keep your lips from drying out.
   (15) This product is not for everyone and I would not recommend buying it unless you need it. Its Hydrocortisone Cream, which is used for insect bites, dermatitis and what I use it for, eczema. In the hot weather my skin sometimes reacts and I get it, and this stuff is great for it. If you have sore cracked skin try this, but use carefully. Its not meant for the face so use with caution. Also try it if  you have insect bites. The tube also says it can be used on acne, but Ive never tried this so I don't know how effective it is.
   (16) Last, but not least, eye creams! I have shown two in the picture. The greenish one is Dr Harnik's Stop Puffy Eyes eye gel, and does what it says on the tin. Its great if you suffer from hay fever and tend to get puffy eyes, or have lost out on sleep lately and its showing in your face. Feels very cooling on the skin. The second is Nivea Visage Expert Eye Cream, which is brilliant. I use it every time I moisturise, and it promises to tighten and firm the eye area. Its very gentle on the skin is suitable for contact lens wearers.

Best Buy of the Week

It seems I've been writing about new look a lot lately, which is strange seeing as I rarely buy anything from there. At the moment its all about basics - the shops are full of them and you can never have enough basics. So I sought after some basics, and picked up a few other things along the way..

Tall Basic Racer Back Vest in black and white, £3.99 each, Button Sheer Shirt in cream and Bellini, £9 each on sale, Lilly Hair Clip, £2.99

Soo I only picked up two basics, in the form of vests. Vests are great to wear under see through clothes if you don't want to be too revealing, and are lush to wear in the summer when its hot. I like these ones because they are a little longer in the body which fits me better, and are a bargain at £2.99 each.  I also picked up these sheer shirts in the sale, for nine pounds each which is a bargain! The cream colour is on trend with one of the new colours for the s/s being white & off Whites, and the other is a beautiful colour that I can't wait to wear. The Lilly is my favourite little buy, I picked up one of these off ebay about three years ago but due to over wear it has wilted somewhat, so I was very happy to see this. It also comes in a light blue and a hot pink for those who like their brighter colours. 


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