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So in the wide world it's been a busy week, with Japan hit by a superearthquake and also a Tsunami on Friday 11 March. My thoughts are with all those affected, those who have lost their lives and those who lost family and friends.

On a lighter note, I've come across a witty blog. For those who know The Sartorialist (if not, check the link beforehand or it won't make much sense) comes The Catorialist, archiving feline fashion. It's an enjoyable read that will make you smile at the whimsical writing. For another laugh, also Take a weird break. It's a collection of all the ridiculous headlines in those cheap weekly "real life stories" magazines that everyone has seen. One of my favourite blogs.

Congratulations to David & Victoria Beckham who announced earlier this week they are expecting their first daughter! Lets hope she smiles a bit more than her mother..

Love Gok Wan? Wear Glasses? Should of gone to Specsavers. Gok has released his new line of designer glasses! Must say I've got mixed reviews on them. The designs range from Chanel-esque frames to thick geek chic styles. Watch the him presenting the range below:

I think they're not bad but I prefer the smaller ones, my favourite being these (they are similar to a pair from Chanel owned by my mother) and I guess with the current offer of 2 for 1 two pairs of glasses for £99 isn't bad. I don't know how popular the line will be but I'd like to see a wider variety as it feels a bit cliche for my liking.

Thinking about buying some new denim for the spring? River Island are offering 25% off denim (selected styles) instore and online between the 11th and 20th of March.

                                            (River Island, £34 with discount, product code 597216)

Light distressed denim is bang on trend for the spring, and this rollup style would look great with a floral top and oversized sunglasses. They also come in three different lengths so they are wearable regardless of your leg length.

Look out for Benefit's new skincare range B:right claiming to give you radiant skin. for previews check their main webisite or their facebook. Line to be released on the 15th March for Us ladies and April in the Uk.

It has also come to my attention that we are now entering spring (the sun was shining today - shocker) and very soon it will be sandal weather. I think like a lot of people I'm a little funny of flashing my feet without some serious preparation, especially after these cold winter months. So I'll be using some of the most popular home treatments over the course of a couple of weeks (no photos of my feet unless there is some kind of miracle - sorry!) starting as of this week with the Ped Egg. I've linked the JML ped egg on Boots, but you can get the exact ones cheaper other places. I picked up mine at a pound shop! Ebay also have them at cheap prices too, make sure you get a brand one though and not a copy as it might blunt really quickly and be useless. Find out how my quest for babysoft feet is going next week..

Best Buy of the Week

Recently Cheryl Cole announced her beauty secret comes in the form of the budget cream E45 and has sparked sales of the stuff, so sticking to the theme of affordable beauty my product this week is the classic Johnson's Baby Oil.

Not just for babies, and definitely not just for erotic massages, this is really incredible at giving you super soft skin. They claim it locks in up to ten times more moisture than "many" lotions (whatever that means). The best way to use it is on wet skin after a shower or bath. It sounds a bit odd to put it on wet skin if you haven't tried it, but it really works. Careful how much you use however, or you'll end up greasy. Alternatively pop a few drops into your bath if you'd prefer. My skin felt great afterwards and I found that it lasts a lot longer than moisturisers, even on places like elbows which have tougher skin. The best bit? Its super cheap (a large bottle will last you ages but they come in different sizes) and sold everywhere. Excellent.

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