Lips of the Day #3

Today I didn't feel like wearing lots of make-up, so I've gone for a very light eyeshadow and no eyeliner. Today's lipstick is Max Factor's Lipfinity in 006 Barely Blush. It is a really subtle peachy-pink colour with a matte finish and is just perfect for subtle days.

7 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's day is coming up, so I've been looking around at gift ideas. For me Mother's day is a time to remind your mum how much you apreciate her, even when you don't show it. If  your mum is anything like mine she's a superhero and has served as your best friend, your bank manager, your chef, your cleaner...all those things that we take for granted from time to time. It is also a reminder that spring is on its way, so I very much like to combine the two and have pretty, lovely spring related items to give to your mum. I've had a little look on the interwebs and chosen seven things for seven types of mothers that suit all budgets.

Tulip Re-Usable Bubble Bar, £5.25, Lush / For the mum who likes to pamper

Every blogger I think has tried a Lush bubble bar at some point, I know I had the Magic Wand at christmas, and it was lovely. They've got a couple out for mother's day/easter at the moment, but this was my favourite as its bright and pretty. Its a combo of cocoa and bergamot for a fresh scent to deeply moisturise - perfect for a pamper (or six)


Lips of the Day #2

Today's lipstick is NYX's Jumbo Lip Pencil in 724 Chaos! I adore this deep vampy red - it has such a lux finish and I've not found another red in such a perfect shade.

Collection Ultimate Fix Foundation, Lasting Perfection Concealer & Lasting Colour Lipstick in Birthday Suit, Valentine & Passionfruit

Collection were kind enough to send me some products to review. I said yes because I do enjoy Collection as a quality, affordable budget brand. They let me choose my items that I wanted to review - so I chose a few things, and to my surprise they sent me them all, how lovely! There was a little postage mix-up and I didn't recieve anything for a whole month, so I contacted the PR company that contacted me, and they sent me another parcel the next day. Very impressed! They also sent me three packs of Eyelure eyelashes, which I will feature in another post.

 Collection Ultimate Fix Foundation, Concealer, Powder & Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer


Lips Of The Day

So I'm starting a new little section called "lips of the day" as I wear lots of lipsticks and its about time I shared them all with you. Today we've got Nyx's Jumbo Lip Pencil in 720 Honey.



I'm sorry that the "week in pictures" never really took off.. my phone is generally quite bad and the camera stopped working on it for quite a long time. I keep forgetting to take pictures, I suck. Anyway, I took an idea from llymlrs as I noticed she keeps all her empties in a storage box ready for reviewing. I bought myself this plastic basket from poundland (bonus points if you can guess the cost) so I can keep all my empties in there as I tend to forget and throw them away. I know a lot of people have empties every month but I don't, so instead of calling it a monthly empties, its just going to be empties from now on. This one is really boring unfortunately, sorry!


The Budget Series: Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Masque Face Mask

I've not had much like with face masks recently, after buying plenty of Lush ones over the past few months and really wanting them to work, I've given up. I found this baby sitting at the back of my skincare stash, and I used to love the brand as a teenager, so maybe it will work for me now?

These masks are super cheap and most places sell them. I've found the best range is actually in Wilkinson, where they all retail for £1. Montagne have a website too that you can order from if you are stocking up.

So this is the chocolate face mask, and it claims to deeply draw out all the impurities and give your skin that lovely soft feeling. Its a mud style mask, that dries and washes off. It is suitable for all skin types, according to Jeunesse.


A Huge Collective Haul Part 3

Phew! Well done for getting to part 3. We're almost there... this is a Primark and New Look post!

Click HERE to read Part 1, and click HERE to read Part 2..

Jewellery in New Look is currently on a buy one get one free offer. I actually think they've got some really nice pieces in at the moment, so I grabbed all of these and only paid for just two of them. Sweet!

A Huge Collective Haul Part 2

This is Part 2 of my huge collective haul post! There are too many pictures for one post without it being the length of an essay! Check HERE for Part 1...


A Huge Collective Haul Part 1

I've been really naughty recently and indulged in some spending! Rather than put them all into separate posts I've popped them into one jumbo post. Warning - this will be particularly picture heavy...

(I've actually decided to split them into posts because otherwise this post will be huge! check the link at the bottom for Part 2)

There's an outlet near where I study at uni and they have a beauty shop there with lots of discounted goodies. I was thrilled to find a reasonable NYX range there - all at super cheap prices. I bought a bunch of lippes and blushers at first, and then later on went back there and bought some more things because I was so impressed with the quality for the price! Here's the first collection..


The Budget Series: Collection Pressed Powder

Its not often that I write a review where I didn't like the product, because I generally don't think it is a good idea to have lots of bad reviews especially from brands that I usually love. I suddenly found myself without any pressed powder and on a super whim grabbed this one, which you can find in my superdrug haul post. It is super cheap at only £1.99 and comes in a range of shades, this being 18 Ivory. I do quite like a lot of Collection (or collection 2002) products as many bloggers do (concealer anyone?) so I had total faith in this product.

Unfortunately I'm a little disappointed.


The Budget Series: Adee Phelan Opulent Dry Shampoo

This is a product I picked up on a bit of a whim, in the 99p shop. I've never heard of Adee Phelan but I thought the product name sounded rather grand, and as I'm running out of dry shampoo I thought I would grab one and try it.

Turns out Adee Phelan is a hairdresser famous for David Beckhams Mohawk, and this actually retails at betewen £6-7. After some googling it turns out that Phelan has focused on hair dye removal products rather than general haircare which is why this discontinued product probably ended up in a 99p store.


Recent Superdrug Buys

So my January spending ban is over.. I only folded once so I don't think I did too badly! Unfortunately I'm not going crazy on spending at the moment so when I popped into Superdrug for some basics I managed to show great restraint and not go over the top with buying. I did go in there with the intent of buying the ever popular Rimmel Apocalips but honestly, I wasn't overly impressed with them. I think I'm the only person that isn't, so I won't go too much into it, but I did find them a to be a little over rated and the colour range not particularly to my taste. So anyway, here's what I picked up..