I'm sorry that the "week in pictures" never really took off.. my phone is generally quite bad and the camera stopped working on it for quite a long time. I keep forgetting to take pictures, I suck. Anyway, I took an idea from llymlrs as I noticed she keeps all her empties in a storage box ready for reviewing. I bought myself this plastic basket from poundland (bonus points if you can guess the cost) so I can keep all my empties in there as I tend to forget and throw them away. I know a lot of people have empties every month but I don't, so instead of calling it a monthly empties, its just going to be empties from now on. This one is really boring unfortunately, sorry!

Yeah, I get through ridiculous amount of face powder! I love the Body Shop's All in One Face Base, as its a powder foundation for those days when you just can't be bothered. I get these a lot. I find it also works really well as a setting powder for foundation as it gives you that extra bit of coverage. The second I've had empty for months and months - which is the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder. This is a really  good budget face powder, I think it's about three pounds roughly. You will notice this isn't completely empty, but I dropped it and tried to fix it with the hand rub trick, but used a scented one and it really didn't work. So its time for the bin. And the third - is the Collection Pressed powder, which isn't empty, but I don't see the point of keeping this. Read my disappointing review on it HERE.

There's always some form of Body Shop in my reviews! I loved the dewberry shower gel. Its been discontinued for now, sad face. It has an amazing smell and you only need a tiny bit of it as it lasts for ages. There's also my giant can of Batiste dry shampoo in tropical, which is my favourite smell, but I'm using the Cherry now as I quite enjoy that one. I've also bought myself a brand new hairbrush which I literally haven't done in AGES, this is some Avon one. I bought a Denman to replace this bad boy, you can check out which one I got in this haul HERE.

There's two liquid eyeliners here - The Body Shop liquid eyeliner, and the MUA felt pen. The MUA pen I haven't had for very long at all - and before I've even had a chance to review it, its dried out. Very disappointing! The Body Shop one is great, its really black, dries really fast, and lasts for ages. A cheaper dupe for it is the Collection liquid eyeliner, which I've switched back to now this has run out. Theres also ANOTHER body shop item (I work there, what do you expect haha!) and its the Super Volume mascara. I didn't mind this mascara. The brush was a little bigger than I liked, and it was a fibre style bristle one, but the bristles didn't come out like some do. It had the tendency to go a little cakey if you put too much on, so you really have to watch how many coats you slap on. Other than that, it wasn't bad.

So those are my empties this month, disappointingly average! What have you gotten through this month?

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