The Budget Series: Collection Pressed Powder

Its not often that I write a review where I didn't like the product, because I generally don't think it is a good idea to have lots of bad reviews especially from brands that I usually love. I suddenly found myself without any pressed powder and on a super whim grabbed this one, which you can find in my superdrug haul post. It is super cheap at only £1.99 and comes in a range of shades, this being 18 Ivory. I do quite like a lot of Collection (or collection 2002) products as many bloggers do (concealer anyone?) so I had total faith in this product.

Unfortunately I'm a little disappointed.

The second ingredient of this product is Talc, and it really shows. When opening the product you get an instant smell of baby powder - very strong smell that does not fade. Nevertheless, the colour seemed OK and I had already bought it so was going to try and use it anyway. Those who have talc allergies I would definitely steer clear of this one.

When applying, I found the product didn't settle on my skin at all well. The talc made the colour very white on my already deathly pale skin, and didn't seem to blend at all. I found it sunk into my pores where I didn't even know I had large pores, and gave me flaky skin in areas tha were previously not flaky - instantly. You can see how even on my hand it sinks straight into the pores, and gives a clogged look.

For my skin this product is totally unwearable and unfortunately I'm quite disappointed in the product. Other bloggers have mentioned to me that they get on really well with this powder - I was hoping I would be the same!

Sorry Collection, this one isn't for me. I will be sticking to the rest of your products in the future!

(If you have super, and I mean super oily skin, this may work a dream for you, and for the price, it is worth a try)

Has anyone tried this pressed powder before? Did you love it or hate it?

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