Lips Of The Day

So I'm starting a new little section called "lips of the day" as I wear lots of lipsticks and its about time I shared them all with you. Today we've got Nyx's Jumbo Lip Pencil in 720 Honey.

(My roots are a force to be reckoned with at the moment, and I'm growing out my eyebrows so I can re-shape them, so lets ignore those..)

As you can see I've been pretty much wearing it to death, I need to buy the NYX sharpener for it as aparently they don't fit in any other ones. When buying these I did actually think they were twist up ones, but hey ho they're not. They apply really nicely and this is my easy go-to colour if I'm in a hurry. Lovely.


  1. Hi Naomi!
    Now that I need this color too... I just wanted to comment and say that I've read reviews on these about sharpening them, and the Nyx sharpener apparently doesn't work as well as you would think it should.
    On the other hand, I purchased an Ulta brand double-barrel sharpener for $2.50 and it is seriously the best sharpener I've ever had! It fits the jumbo lip and eye pencils perfectly.
    Just thought you should know!
    <3 Kristen

    1. Hi Kristen! thank you for letting me know! At the moment I've been using the ELF double barrel sharpener and that seems to be doing an ok job. I wish nyx would change their packaging, it feels like such a waste of product!