Recent Superdrug Buys

So my January spending ban is over.. I only folded once so I don't think I did too badly! Unfortunately I'm not going crazy on spending at the moment so when I popped into Superdrug for some basics I managed to show great restraint and not go over the top with buying. I did go in there with the intent of buying the ever popular Rimmel Apocalips but honestly, I wasn't overly impressed with them. I think I'm the only person that isn't, so I won't go too much into it, but I did find them a to be a little over rated and the colour range not particularly to my taste. So anyway, here's what I picked up..

In my town there are two Superdrugs. One is a little out of the way so I always pop into that one as the clearance section is rarely touched and packed full of goodies. I've used GOSH before and I thought it was okay, but a little over priced. I saw these loose eyeshadows for just 49p each and had to buy. There were tons of other colours there ranging from 49p - 99pp, but these were the only two that I'd really wear. The right is called Sunstone and the other one I don't know - the label was ripped off. Considering the bargain I got them for they are so pigmented in colour - very impressed! They come with these annoying lids and I can't stand these type of shaker tops - so I've popped them off so I can dip my eyeshadow brush straight into the pot. Bargains.

I'm not going to write about the Ardell lashes as they seem to appear in most of my drugstore posts - and yet for some reason I haven't written a proper review on them. Coming soon!

This MUA extreme felt eyeliner is incredibly hard to photograph due to its shiny packaging - sorry about that. Generally I've been reasonably impressed with my MUA purchases and I'm running out of liquid eyeliner, so I bought this for £2 so give it a go. Review soon..

I'm running out of face powder so on a whim I grabbed this Collection one for £1.99. I've been really impressed with Collection's eyeliner, nail varnishes and concealer so for the price it is worth a try. I also greabbed these make-up sponges for about £1.50 (superdrug own) as I really like them for applying face powder - they work well with my skin.

So thats it, well done to those who are doing the 100 day spending ban, I envy your self control!

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