The Budget Series: Adee Phelan Opulent Dry Shampoo

This is a product I picked up on a bit of a whim, in the 99p shop. I've never heard of Adee Phelan but I thought the product name sounded rather grand, and as I'm running out of dry shampoo I thought I would grab one and try it.

Turns out Adee Phelan is a hairdresser famous for David Beckhams Mohawk, and this actually retails at betewen £6-7. After some googling it turns out that Phelan has focused on hair dye removal products rather than general haircare which is why this discontinued product probably ended up in a 99p store.

I've never tried any other dry shampoo apart from Batiste (apart from the superdrug own brand which is AWFUL) so most of my comparisons will be to Batiste. The can is 150ml for 99p whilst Batiste is 200ml for £2.99, so it is cheaper but harder to get hold of. The product comes in a similar style spray can.

The product is made for oily roots to remove any excess oil and prolong your hair for an extra day. Its main ingredient is corn starch - Batiste is rice starch. Honestly theres not a huge amount of difference between the two - this has a smell which reminds me of sherbet. I've noticed if you use too much product you don't get that tell-tale grey hair that you do with Batiste - bonus.

The opulent dry shampoo doesn't give the body that Batiste does to my hair, but it does the job of removing any excess oil from my roots (For reference, my armpit length hair is a combo of oily roots, dry ends). For the price I would definitely try this if you have one in your local 99p store as it is definitely the most effective cheap dry shampoo I have found.

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