The Budget Series: Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Masque Face Mask

I've not had much like with face masks recently, after buying plenty of Lush ones over the past few months and really wanting them to work, I've given up. I found this baby sitting at the back of my skincare stash, and I used to love the brand as a teenager, so maybe it will work for me now?

These masks are super cheap and most places sell them. I've found the best range is actually in Wilkinson, where they all retail for £1. Montagne have a website too that you can order from if you are stocking up.

So this is the chocolate face mask, and it claims to deeply draw out all the impurities and give your skin that lovely soft feeling. Its a mud style mask, that dries and washes off. It is suitable for all skin types, according to Jeunesse.

I found this quite lovely, actually. It has a rich cocoa smell to it and takes the appearance of melted chocolate. It was easy to put on (I always use a spatula) and it dried quite nicely. My skin felt very soft after using, and it didn't break me out or cause any irritation. Lovely.

My only two issues with this products are...one: its quite hard to wash off. Being a rich dark colour if you have larger pores like me around your nose, it does stick a little bit in them so you have to take extra effort to wash it off. And two: this is a little petty, but there's always so much in the sachets, I always feel like I'm wasting it by throwing it away, but you can't really keep them! I think you can get two uses out of these sachets, so they are perfect for using with you're having a pamper night with friends.

This was mostly pleasant to use, it didn't dry out my skin, it didn't make my t-zone oily, and I didn't react to it. Superb.

After using it I went and bought their cucumber peel off mask, the green tea peel off mask, and one from their face food range - the dead sea mineral mud mask, and you get two sachets with that one, so keep your eye out for those reviews!

What's your favourite Montagne Jeunesse face mask?

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