Dior Extase Mascara

Hello! Its been a week or so since I last posted, been very busy with work lately. So today I'm showing you a mascara I've had quite a while, and ive only very realised its actually so good. A little while back I got a kit of two Dior mascaras, one being the Extase in a mini form. I'm reviewing it today because its excellent! The other mascara that came with it was the Iconic, which I have used before, and will do a separate post on.

I think everyone is on the quest for the perfect mascara. This one is Dior's, and costs around £20 depending on where you buy it from. It is more expensive than some I've tried before but its nice to have a luxury product that gives good results, as sometimes the cheap ones dry out super quickly or clump.

The mini one I have is quite small and I'm starting to get to the end of it, so I think I will splurge and get the full size one after I've finished the Iconic. The brush is a fibre brush, and is nice and thick but not too oversized so you can reach all the little lashes. Mine is in black, and unlike some mascaras I've had before, its a great jet black. The mascara itself is a nice consistency; not too thin and not too thick so it doesn't clump. It has great staying power too - I can put it on at 9am before work and go out, and it will stay on by the time I get home later that night. Also there is no printing onto the skin if you get a little warm.

So I don't have the biggest eyelashes - they are not by any means super tiny, but they are a little lighter than I'd normally like. So this is the before shot, and I'm also not wearing any eyeliner so you can see the mascara's effects properly.

Pow! I always apply two coats of mascara as a standard rule and I do apply to the bottom lashes as well (some people don't do this and thats fine, but I like to)

So you can really see the effect this mascara has, its pretty good! It lengthens where I didn't know I had length. Sometimes I am a little worried with fibre mascaras as I've had some of the fibre fall out and go into my eye - which is a pain to remove and does hurt.

Huzzah. I can actually wear this without feeling like I need to wear false eyelashes. Although I still wear them because I love them, but on a day to day basis this macara gives me the confidence to not have to bother with them.

I've tried many mascaras, and this one is definitely in my top list. Its great to apply - long lasting, no smudging or clumping, and I love a bit of Dior. If you are in the market for a new one I would definitely recommend giving this a go.

With lashes I generally use eyelash curlers - but lately I've been avoiding them to try and strengthen my lashes a bit more. So to clarify I have not used an eyelash curler in these photos. I'm also giving the vaseline on the lashes a trial run, as I've read that it can strengthen your lashes so they grow for longer without falling out, and it makes mascara easier to apply because it conditions them. So at night I use a cotton bud to pop a bit on the top and bottom lashes and sleep in it. Its too early to see any proper results as I've only been doing it for about three days now - but follow me on twitter (@naomigraham) and I'll be posting about it on there.

Whats your favourite mascara at the moment?

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