Dior Diorshow Iconic Mascara

Happy 1st April! What a beautiful day!

As promised, I have part two of the Dior Mascara review. Today is the Diorshow Iconic mascara. I have the full size version f this, which came in the set with my mini Extase. Keep an eye out as in the next couple of days I will be doing a giveaway of this set!

So this one has a different brush to the Extase. Its the rubber type brush, which is great as it means no fibres can fall out and get into your eye. It also holds its shape a bit better too. Mine is in black, although I do believe it comes in a brown and navy blue. The black is an intense black, unlike some mascaras that tend to be a bit faded and lame. The brush is quite chunky but its tapered so you can reach all the little lashes in the corner and bottom lid without needing a separate tool for this.

It is a little petty but the thing I really like about Dior makeup is the fact that the writing on the tube doesn't rub off. Its purely cosmetic, but it can make it look a little messy and old if the packaging has all faded off.

The staying power of this one is great too. It literally stays on through the whole day, with no flaking or smudging onto your skin, and doesn't clump on your lashes no matter how many layers you put on. Due to the design of the brush, it also doesn't clump up around the lid either, which I really like as I hate messy mascaras!

Aaaand so the picture proof...

No mascara, no eyeliner so you can see the mascara effects properly!

So it gives great definition! Just to point out I normally use eyelash curlers but didn't for these pictures - so the mascara is great for curling them. It makes them look nice and long and thick.

Not sure if I prefer this one to the Extase or not - they are very similar but I feel this one is better for length and the Extase for volume, which suits me as I want different things depending on how makeup im wearing that day. However they are both equal with their staying power, intensity and no-clump formula.

 Retails for about £20, but you can win this and the Extase off of me in the next few days - so keep your eyes peeled!

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