Lush Bath Bombs & Lip Scrub

I'm not new to lush and I'm sure nobody is, but like me I'm sure there are people that feel somewhat overwhelmed when going into their stores! Everything smells great and there are products absolutely everywhere, I always feel a little unsure what to buy. However on my shopping trip yesterday I thought I'd brave the store (I tend to find the website easier to navigate) and bought a some bath bombs (some I've never tried) and a lip scrub.

The one thing I really like about Lush is they give you the option to have labels on your packets - if you regularly buy the same thing you don't need to waste the paper, but if you're trying something new it reminds you what you've bought. Also the paper bags end up smelling amazing so you can use them for other things (scenting drawers and wardrobes maybe?)
The first one I picked up was Dragon's Egg. I'm not gonna lie, I only bought it because I liked the smell (jasmine and bergamot), but looking it up on their website it has layers which include popping candy (to create the effect of fireworks) and leaves the water a sparkly gold colour - how exciting! I really like the smell, its quite uplifting and doesn't smell too strong so I can't wait to give this one a go. These ones are £3.15 each.

Titsy Totsy has an amazing smell, it smells of roses (although its not overpowering) and jasmine and smells really romantic and relaxing. I love the cute little roses all the way through it - if you're buying for Valentines day maybe invest in this one? I quite like the thought of mini roses floating all around my bath, but if you don't like that sort of thing then avoid this one as its full of roses and petals aparently. This one retails at £3.10 each.

Butterball is a bomb that I am not new to, but I bought again because I looove it and it contains two of my favourite ingredients - vanilla and cocoa butter..you just know this will leave your skin feeling super soft. Although these are a little smaller than the other bombs, they are also cheaper at £2.40 each. If you don't like fancy bright coloured bath bombs this is perfect for you - its just a relaxing, moisturising bomb with no fuss.

When I was younger, Melting Marshmallow Moment used to be the one I'd always go for - purely for its sweet scent and the bubblegum pink colour. I bought it again for a bit of nostalgia. If you haven't tried this before, this is a bath melt and not a bomb - so it doesnt fizz around in the water and creates a little bit of foam. The water turns a lovely pale pink with it (not too obnoxious though) and its really calming on the skin because it contains chamomile and marshmallow herb - an ingredient used in a few of their other pink products. Its £3.75 but definitely worth the price.

I've been in the market for a lip scrub for a while now and I saw this brilliant pink one and couldn't resist. It smells of bubblegum - really sweet and sugary. This scrub contains sugar and oil not really much else and because of that you can eat it! Not out of the pot obviously, but when you can just lick it off your lips when youre done with it. Which is pretty cool right? The only thing that bugs me is it goes out of date on the 16th of feb, which means it'll be good to use for about two weeks. It was made last december so I'm a little miffed theyre still selling them in the shops when they go out of date so soon..I would of expected a new batch to be on sale by now.. but never mind. Watch this when you buy them though, I didn't notice until I got it home and they retail at £4.95 each. A good product though.

What is your favourite bath bomb from Lush? Do you use any of their other products regularly?

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