Product Review: Latest In Beauty Refresh and Recover Box

Hello! I've wanted to share this box with you since it turned up this morning! This box by Latest in beauty is from their themed range, and I have The Refresh and Recover box. The idea of this box is to kickstart your new year with some beauty products to revitalise you, from the inside and out. This box cost me £6.95 with free postage, and I got to choose two extra samples from 9 choices.

The only gripe I have with this box and its not really their fault is the packaging. Its sent by 2nd class post and my postman mullered the box by shoving it through the letterbox when in reality its too big for that. But its okay because none of my products were damaged inside.

So, in this box I got the standard leaflet with some promo codes on should I wish to purchase the fullsize products, and also a couple of leaflets on two of the products in my box. (well I say leaflets, one is a book)

My first product is by a brand called Figs and Rouge, and comes in a pretty little tin (a little bigger than a £2 coin) and contains a balm which is a 100% organic. The balm can be used on the lips, face and body and is Sweet Geranium but smells like turkish delight to me. It protects against dryness. I tested a little bit on my hand and its super soft and absorbs into the skin really quickly. It retails at about a fiver.

My second sample is Lavera's Hand Cream containing organic almond and shea butter.It has a very light consistency and subtle almond smell., actually I'm not so keen on the smell. Its made for sensitive skin so its a good one for those who suffer with overly perfumed products. The sample size is 20ml.

The third sample is of Monu's Soothing Touch Recovery Balm. Its in a single use tube (although it feels like there could be two uses in it, it has a tear tube so it cant be resealed) and promises soothing of  the skin particularly for sensitive or stressed skin. It also states on the back it can be used to calm enviromental or elemental damage (allergic reactions and sunburn in guessing?) The tube is 5ml and retails at £16 for full size. I should also point out the booklet is for this brand, and it contains all of their products, pricing information and handy tips on skincare.

The Fourth sample is a sachet of Sun Shots spf 25 Water Resistant UVA protection. I think a lot of people forget how damaging the sun is and how important sun protection is, so this medium strength is good for winter days when the sun can still be harsh. I quite like the fact that its a moisturiser as well but can be used all over the body and that on the front it states anti-ageing. The sachet is single use and is 20ml.

This sample is a bit weird but quite cool; ActiMint Probiotic supplement. Basically this is an edible supplement to aid digestion (much like the yoghurts but lactose free) and also contains Xylitol so its good for your teeth. I used to take a papaya supplement from Holland and Barrets to aid digestion, they are quite a good idea if you find you get a bit bloated after meals or suffer from things like IBS or intolerances. The sample contains three mints and I'm really weirdly looking forward to trying this. They retail at £9.99 full size. I'll keep you updated on this one!

Again this one is a little weird like the first but I'm quite keen to try it. Its from a brand called Cosmetofruit, and basically the idea is that you can create beauty from within. The sample is of a "drinkable elixir" called total body booester, and it contains cranberry and wild murta along with green coffee extract and seaweed.  It comes with a little dish which measures out 4ml, and aparently thats all you need a day. I smelt it and it actually smells like nice, kinda like Ribena. They do three different types of elixir, and is one promises to drain excess fluids and lipids to prevent the formation of cellulite, and to regenerate and repair damanged tissue. This retails full size at a pricey £55 so I would highly recommend this sample box if you want to give it a go.

So thats everything in the box, but you get to choose two more samples to go in it. I chose the Loreal Quad Pro eyeshadow pallete, and its the full size pallete with four different eyeshadows to wear as one look (they are numbered with a little instructional diagram on the back of how to use them) and comes with a little applicator too. I looked this up and this are retailing at anything from £5 to £10. (I couldn't choose the colour, its just the standard one they have)

Also I chose the Clarins Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correction Cream which came in a decent sized 15ml tube. It has a really nice consistency and quite a nice smell, I can't really describe it, its just that typical moisturiser smell. I tested some on my hand and it sinks into the skin very quickly and is very smooth. This retails at £28 for 50ml.

So all in all I am quite pleased with this box, I think its good value for money and I like that you can choose two of your samples (and that they are a decent size too!) I love how its a complete range of products including the crazy edible ones.

Will you be trying the refresh and recover box? Have you tried any of the products in it before? What did you think of them?

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  1. Hi, I got this box too and I really really liked it! I got a different Cosmetofruit to you, I got the anti-aging one and it tastes gross but I like the idea of it! I'm tempted to order another box, I think it's great value! I just reviewed mine today, I'd be interested to know if anyone got the other Cosmetofruit! Great detailed review. :-) x