Girl Panic

I've finally finished my dissertation and so here I am relaxing all snuggled under my duvet. I thought as  I haven't written in a while I'd update you all on what I've got lined up:

- I have two product reviews for two new products from the body shop that aren't released until the 2nd feb. They are suuuper lush and are part of the new chocolate range so I'm quite excited to have got my hands on them a week early!
- I had a new sample turn up a few days ago - mini set of anti-ageing from a brand called ARK. They focus on skincare age groups and provide anti-ageing for all groups, including age preparation, which is the one I have.
- As we all know, Peacocks had gone into administration, which is a shame because every now and again I find something amazing in there, and managed to pick up a pair of ankle boots and a matching bag. I adore both of them so I can't wait to show you all!
- I bought two pieces of jewellery from Miss Selfridge and I'm soo happy with them, they are/were in the sale and I'm quite pleased that I came across them because they are unusual for Miss Selfridge! If you follow me on twitter you may have an inkling to what they are..
- Like a fair few others I bought a couple of the Versace for h&m things, so when they turn up I'll show you all what they look like.
- I've also gotten back into Graze boxes, I ate my one the other day but I'm expecting another one to turn up tomorrow so I can write all about it then and put up my free code so you can grab yourselves one for free!

I'll try and get these blog posts up as soon as possible!
What would you like to see me write about?

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