Product Review: The Body Shop Chocomania

The Body Shop are releasing a new range for Valentines day called Chocomania. The idea is to get a chocolate fix without all the calories, and the range contains cocoa butter to give you super hydrated skin. The range is already available online and doesn't enter the shops until 2nd February, and includes a body butter (which promises 48hr hydration) a body shop, lip butter, shower gel, body lotion and heart shaped soaps.

The other week (sorry I have only just gotten round to writing about them) I picked up two products:

I grabbed the lip butter and the shower gel. The smell of both these products is super chocolately, it doesn't remind me of bars of chocolate exactly, but more drinking chocolate or cocoa when you bake cakes. If you like rich smelling lotions this range will be perfect for you, but if you don't avoid it because you will hate it!

The lip butter is very thick and super creamy, the consistency is lovely but takes a bit of effort to get out of the pot, but once you've warmed it with your fingers its fine. It retails at £4 a pot and is 10ml (the standard size for all body shop lip butters)

I've applied a little more than you would do to show you the slight tint it has to it. This doesn't really show up unless you put lots on like I have, and as you can see it has a slight shine to it which is quite nice if you like a bit of gloss on your lips. Its not sticky, its creamy, and feels quite moisturising which is probably down to the cocoa butter in it. I wore it to bed and woke up with very soft lips...but you can kind of taste it on your lips which is great if you love the taste!

The shower gel is a bit of a strange product to have in chocolate, but I got it out of pure curiosity. It has a much richer smell than the lip butter, much richer and more like chocolate than cocoa. It retails at £4 for 250ml which isn't a bad price for a limited edition product.

As you can see it looks very much like liquid chocolate, and reminds me of the chocolate river in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory..

It has a very slight gold shimmer in the gel, but when you use it in the shower and it lathers up this doesn't make any shimmer stick on your skin. It does have a long lasting smell though, and I haven't quite made up my mind of how I feel walking around all day smelling of Chocolate..

In my body shop we offered customers the chance to try the body butter and get feedback. I noticed a lot of the younger generation preffered the smell, but found it too greasy. The whole range is very hydrating for the skin which is great for the winter, but if you find your skin is oily then don't give this a go. However it is a lovely novelty product and the mini heart soaps are super cute, and the prices are reasonable, so if you're curious, try something out!

What do you think of chocolate scented products? Have you tried any of the Chocomania range yet?

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  1. I've bought the chocolate scrub and i love it, soo moisturizing.