Product Review: Latest In Beauty Little Beauty Box

Beauty sample boxes are a huge trend at the moment, with some of  the more well known ones getting more coverage, and I've been searching around for new ones for a bit of variety. I've come across a website called Latest in Beauty that sell a range of luxury samples in various boxes.

This review is about the Little Beauty box, which consists of three samples (you choose which ones you want) and it costs just £1 with free postage. Bargain, right? Before you can order I think you have to open an account with them and fill out a little questionaire that basically determines what kind of person you are, and which products they can offer to suit you. Then you choose which samples you'd like to recieve in three stages. The bit I really liked about this is the £1 is taken through your mobile, they send a code to your phone and you type it in and the quid is deducted from your phone bill, so no fiddling around with a bank card or paypal. Neat! You can order once a month (it'll tell you how many days you have left till you can order again) and its not a subscription.

It comes through the post, and unfortunately my idiotic postman shoved mine through the letterbox so the box is a little bit battered:

In the box you get a little leaflet which reminds you of the products you ordered and a little bit about them, also offering promo codes for the full size products should you want to purchase them.

(photo of leaflet)

(I know the samples don't look huge, but when you think that you only paid a pound for them, its not that bad really.)

So what samples did I choose? Anyone who knows me will understand how obsessed I am with anti-ageing at the moment, so my first sample is Lavera My Age Concentrated Lifting Serum. I got x4 0.5ml sachets, I haven't tried them yet but one sachet feels like about one application. These are made in Germany and contain white tea and karanja oil (no, never heard of it either) and retails at £19 full size.

My second sample is Renu Radiant Skin Peel, this is for mature skin but what the hell, its all anti-ageing. I got a promo code with this one for 20% off (RADIENTLIB) at their website monushop.co.uk. I'm quite excited to use this one because on the back it contains a warning of how it will make your skin tingle when used. Its a 5ml tube and it looks like theres enough for one application in there.

My third and final sample is of Lumenesse Age-Defying Colour Care High Volume shampoo & conditioner. Lumenesse are an American brand recently available in the UK and retail at full price £18 per bottle. Quite steep for a shampoo in my opinion, so I'm quite happy to try it for a pound. It promises me brighter longer lasting colour and volume. What I quite like about this product is it offers UVA protection, which I've never come across in a shampoo before, or maybe just never noticed. I've got two single use sachets, one for shampoo and one for conditioner, but im slightly worried there won't be enough as I've got a lot of hair..

So for the price, this box is a bargain. I'd highly recommend their service, I was well updated with the progress of my order and it arrived quickly considering it was sent by second class post.

Would you try this sample box, or have you already? What do you think of paying via your phone?

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