Yankee Candle Lip Balm in Vanilla Lime

Hello all! This is a bit of a strange post as its not really a review just something which is super cute and definitely a must have!


I was recently browsing through Lucyy Writes' blog and saw her post on yankee candle lip balms. I am a super huge fan of anything Yankee Candle so when I saw that they make lip balms I knew I had to have one!

Aparently these are a US only product but a seller on Ebay managed to get hold of a few (here) and is selling them for £3.99 each, which is a little expensive for a lip balm but its a sweet novelty product that is definitely worth the extra pennies. The flavours available are sweet strawberry, christmas cookie, vanilla lime and vanilla cupcake. Naturally I wanted them all but settled on vanilla lime as this sounded like the most unusual scent.

(I still haven't found my camera charger so I'm working off my phone..sorry!)

These are sooo cute! The lid just pops off (I say that, but I had a ridiculous amount of trouble trying to open mine haha) and the bottom twists round to push the lipbalm up.

It smells absolutely lovely, really fresh and zesty, and is quite chunky, but a good easy size to use. Although its green it comes out completely clear leaving a nice light gloss on your lips.

However...my skin is a little sensitive from time to time, but when I first applied this lip balm it made my lips tingle in a slightly worrying way (not in the lip plumping way) and it freaked me out a little bit! I haven't actually worn this since this happened as I'm a little scared I'm going to have an allergic reaction, but I really want to be able to wear it because the scent it sooo nice! Did anyone else have this problem?

I would highly recommend getting one (maybe not if you have super sensitive skin though haha) even if not to wear, but just to display!

Whats your favourite lip balm? Do you like novelty cosmetics, or think they are tacky?


  1. Oh I haven't seen these yet! They look interesting :)

  2. Wow these sound so nice!! Sweet Strawberry sounds yummy xxx