The Budget Series: DIY Christmas Glitter Tipped Nails for under £3

 Christmas is the only time I really wear anything glittery, so this is my glittery tipped nails post that will cost you under £3!

What I used:

I already had the stencils and the clear varnish, I think most people do, but if not you could still buy some and achieve this look for under £5!

Primark False Nails, £1/ A clear nail varnish (I used maybelline express finish topcoat but any will suffice) / Glitter / Nail Stencils

I bought my pot of glitter off ebay. Mine cost me 99p for one pot and I chose the colour "old gold". Find the listing HERE

If you are blessed with natural great nails you can skip this part. I prepped my nails for my falsies, chose the right sizes and got them ready to stick. I find it easier to put on my nails stencils before I stick on my nails, but it doesn't matter which way round you do that bit.

Stick on your nails and if you haven't already, your stencils. One by one apply clear varnish up to the stencil.

And dip the nail in the glitter! I used a cotton brush to brush off any excess glitter, and applied two topcoats to give it a bit of staying power. Don't forget to remove your stencils!

And thats it! Easy peasy!

Are you going glittery this christmas?

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