DIY Christmas: Cinammon Candles

Who doesn't love some DIY at christmas?

Cinnamon candles not only look great, but if you choose a vanilla candle you get a fantastic smell of vanilla and cinnamon when it burns.

I got my dried cinnamon sticks from an florist that sells on ebay as my local florist didn't have them this year, but they were actually cheaper, and you can buy them in various sizes. I bought 50 8cm sticks for £2.75, and you can find the seller HERE

I chose some ribbon to tie round mine rather than string, it was like 80p from tescos!

I tied my ribbon around my candle and left a little slack in it, and then put the cinamon sticks in and tightened up the ribbon at the end. I couldn't think of an easier way to do it other than this! I think it looks quite like with lots of different sizes and textures of stick, so I used lots of different ones.

I already had the candle but you can pick them up for about a three quid in wilkinsons, so all in all this works out quite a cheap way to decorate!

What DIY decorating are you doing this christmas?