Along Came Betty Foaming Lovely Face Wash

Let me set the scene for you. I'm in tesco's, with the aim of doing a spot of healthy food shopping. You know the likes, quinoa and lettuce and all the things that taste like I'd rather not be eating them. So I got a little distracted and popped into the beauty section, and came across the brand Along Came Betty. I'm pretty sure I've had some bath salts from them before, but that's a little off topic. Everything from the brand was marked with a lovely half price sticker - so I had a little nose and walked away with two products. One of them just so happened to be this Foaming Face Wash. I did pick up the quinoa, but I didn't pick up the lettuce, and the other half of my shopping list. Ooops.

The Along Came Betty range is a skincare/bodycare range inspired by the Hollywood Sirens of past times, and the vintage packaging reflects this.

So the words that really hooked me onto this - brighter radiant skin. Who doesn't want that? I also got drawn in by the fruit I've never heard of either - the Kakadu Plum. Fancy! Soo I paid the lovely half price ticket of £1.74 (full price of £3.49).

Well let me firs of all, tell you how lovely the Kakadu Plum smells - if its anything like this then its bloody lovely. I've never smelt a Kakadu Plum but it smells like, generic fruity, very tropical.

How perfect did that droplet come out?!

Anyway the product does have this tiny beads in it, which I wasn't expected at all. I can't honestly say I feel like they do much - they are too soft to exfoliate but perhaps have some other quality that I haven't quite figured out yet. Other than that, I really like this product. It cleans my face wonderfully - I find it doesn't foam well with fingers along, but with a facial sponge you need the smallest amount, or you'll be there all night rinsing the foam off your face. So a little can definitely go a long way with this, which in my books, equals great value for money. My face feels clean and soft after using - and not dry. I can't say I've noticed my face look any brighter, but its early days yet. I feel this may become a staple in my routine (even if its just for the smell)!

Have you tried any of the Along Came Betty range?

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