August Empties

Hellooo! I've been seeing a few of these posts about so I thought I'd give it a go! August Empties. I think its quite rare for me to get through an entire product, and because it rarely happens I guess it means I really do like that product. So let's just get started...here are my August Empties!

The Body Shop Mango Body Scrub

I looove the smell of this product! It smells so delicious and fruity, half of me wants to eat it! Its a really lovely body scrub. It says its for very dry skin, however I don't have very dry skin and it works just brilliantly on me. The mango seed oil in it leaves like a waterproof barrier on your skin, which isn't oily at all, just super moisturising, and it means that I don't have to bother with a body lotion if I'm feeling lazy as my skin won't dry out. A little goes a long way so the whole pot lasted me just over a month, which I don't consider too bad for full body exfoliation once a week. They retail at £12.50 but there are always offers on so you can always get it at discounted price.

The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover

I have tried a thousand waterproof make-up removers before, and apart from my trusty baby wipes, this is the only thing I will rely on to budge my stubborn mascara. It doesn't have a scent, is kind to sensitive skin and removes all traces of eye make-up FAST. You just dab a bit on some cotton wool, hold it for about 5 seconds on your eye, and wipe away and BAM. I stopped using my favourite mascara because I couldn't find a remover that didn't pull out my eyelashes, I recently just rebought it because I was confident this could tackle the job. I think this make-up remover is actually quite expensive at £7 a tube, but considering it lasts me two months I guess its not that bad.

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

I have used this for a couple of years now - I like powder to finish my foundation, give it that extra staying power and prevent my t-zone from oily patches throughout the day. I use shade 02 - Rose Ivory. I think I first came across this on an offer and gave it a go, to find its really great at blending into my skin tone and keeping oily skin at bay. The only issues I have with this is how quickly you get through it - less than a month and I'm out of it. For the £8 it retails at I think its the only bad point about it, that I have to buy two a month.

Elf Lip Liner and Blend Brush

Another repeat purchase! I love matt lip colours, and I originally bought this in Natural and wore it as a lipstick all the time. Because I wore it so often, it lasted me about three weeks! However this re-purchase, I got a good month out of it. I love the colour as it's so easy to wear with any outfit. The great thing about elf is the products are dirt cheap, but still good quality. This is part of the studio range, so a little more expensive, but still affordable at £3.75. You can find my review on elf here.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer

I have used this concealer since I was about 16, and never looked back. In my opinion it beats any other concealer on the market, on quality and price. I get mine in Fair, which is the lightest. It gives maximum coverage with easy blending and can be used under the eyes and on spots alike. I have never reviewed it because there are literally a million blog reviews on this product, but all the good points are true! I think it retails for about a fiver in any collection 2000 retailer. The only issue with this product is how the packaging fades, but quite frankly, this is the smallest complaint ever. A definite recommend, maybe I'll review it too?

I think my empties this month are quite boring, and for that I apologise! Hopefully I'll have more staying power over the next few months and be able to try out a few new products!

What are your empties this month? Do you use any of these products yourself?


  1. Hello, just found your blog through tonights chat, I really like it! Following now and will definitely keep reading :) Lovely empties post, I love doing them!



    1. Thanks hun! First one I've ever done, feels weird taking photos of empty things before throwing them away haha!

  2. Great post! I love seeing the products that people actually use up! x

    1. Thank you! Always good to hear feedback x