The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream *

Hello! Sorry its been such a while since I posted, I've been working tons and tons and feeling somewhat uninspired at the moment. However work has had its perks, and I was gifted the new BB cream from the Body Shop!

Generally I'm not a fan of BB creams, as I find they don't provide enough coverage, and I find there aren't enough shade ranges. Even a lot of creams that claim to colour adapt are often too dark or orange for my skin.

Sooo The Body Shop are releasing range of BB creams, available around mid august (I think). Like a lot of BB Creams they are the all in one foundation and moisturiser, providing natural coverage to even out skintone and keep the skin hydrated all day. The Body Shop BB cream is available in three shades, I have got 01 (the lightest.)

Please excuse the bad photo, the tubes are that mirrored plastic type and notoriously hard to photograph at dusk!

The cream itself is white, and then as you blend it adapts to your skin colour. So I've photographed the three stages because its quite cool to watch. This is shade 01, its quite a pinky tone, the other two are more beige tones. It has a nice consistency, not too thick, a little goes a long way. It dries quite quickly so you have to blend it pretty fast or it could look patchy.

My hands are extremely pale and so this really stands out on them, which is a little worrying as it may not suit all super pale ladies. My face isn't as pale as my hands so this isn't a huge issue for me, as it blended in to my face fine.

Also the cream has a really strong smell, that cosmetic smell, but smells a little...floral? Roses? Grass? I can't quite figure it out. Its only initially overpowering and after a little while you stop noticing it. This might be an issue for some people if you don't like strong scents.

Wearing it during the day, I used my normal makeup with it, which does include concealer and a touch of face powder to cover my t-zone. I get excess oil during the day on my t-zone, and a moisturising cream worried me as I thought I would get a lot more of this. However I didn't get any more than usual, which is good news.

The only place I really noticed a difference was under my eyes. I have quite dark circles and with hayfever season in full swing at the moment, they are little baggier than usual. The BB cream doesn't provide quite enough coverage under my eyes as I'd like, but this may literally be down to the time of year and just me.

Out of all the BB creams this one is the one I'd be much more inclined to wear, as the cream isn't too heavy, sticky or orange. Its quite pricey at £12 a tube, but I think it'll last a long time. I reckon this would be great for those hot days, holidays and lazy days, when you just want a bit of coverage.

Do you think you'll be trying the Body Shop's BB cream? Do you have a favourite BB cream, or just prefer foundations?


  1. That's a really pretty lip colour, what lipstick are you wearing =)

    1. Thank you! It's Collection 2000's Cream Puff in Fairy Cake x