Empties #2

Hello! Prepare for a huge parentheses.... (It feels like a long time since I wrote a post...here's what has happened in my life in the past month or so. I had an interim exhibition as part of my MA degree, which took up a lot of my time (and money!) which is why I went a bit quiet. Anyway, the exhibition was brilliant and fun was had by all. After that, I was lucky enough to develop tonsillitis, and so I was put on some lovely antibiotics for that - not only was I lucky enough to have every side effect to antibiotics known to man, my immune system was being hounded by medication, and I caught a cold. That brings us up to right about now - where I'm now off the antibiotics, getting over my cold, and feeling a almost back to normal. Sweet! I mention this, because I'm starting on the road to getting my tonsils removed, and would like to call anyone who has experienced this to contact me, as the Internet holds little information that doesn't scare me witless, to tell me how it was and how long it took you to convince a doctor to do it.) Parentheses over!

I've been really trying to cut down on my collection of half used items, so I've been really trying to use up things that are open. Since my last empties (HERE) I've not done too badly... Here's what I got through..

Yes, loads of dry shampoo! I haven't had a chance to have my roots done recently, so without a regular dose of hair dye, they get a bit oily. I really liked the smell of this cherry Batiste, so much so I bought a mini for my travel bag, and the regular size too. I've gotten through both now, and repurchased this scent as it was just a delight to have. I haven't replaced the mini yet. Also is a 100g bottle of Lush's I Love Juicy shampoo - which lasted me ages and ages. It made my hair feel super squeaky clean and it smelt great, so I'm sad to have this gone. I haven't repurchased any yet because it isn't the cheapest of shampoos, but next time I'm in lush, I'll probably buy a bigger bottle of it.

For christmas I actually received both of these. I didn't review either though - I wasn't hugely impressed, and snow fairy has been done to death.. anyway I used up all of Soap & Glory's Calm One - Calm All bubble bath. This bubble bath promises loads of bubbles with a built in body lotion. I don't have the driest skin by any means, but I didn't get any moisture from these bubbles - and the bubbles disappeared pretty quickly. I wouldn't buy this again. And Snow Fairy, I didn't hate it, but the smell is a little too much for me I think - I really liked the magic wand bubble bar though!

I've gotten through a mini body butter from The Body Shop in mango - I seriously LOVE this smell, it is one of my favourite scents! I do kind of prefer mini butters though as I tend to like to chop and change so often, i don't feel as though I can get through a full size butter. This mini is perfect though and pops into your handbag. I would most likely repurchase anything mango scented. Also I've finished my Vineyard Peach body scrub, also from The Body Shop. Vineyard peach was a limited edition scent, and I adored it (you can find my review on the peach range HERE). I'm sad to see this one go!

Aaaand more Body Shop products - these Tea Tee exfoliating pads were great for when I could feel a spot coming on - I'd massage them into the area and it would seriously reduce or prevent the spot. They are discontinued now which is a shame, I don't know what I'm going to do without them - perhaps try the Origins super spot remover. Deodorant is a bit of a boring empty I know, but hey, its still something I used up! I have about five deodorants all on the go at once for some reason. I liked this one because it was true to it's marketing - it didn't leave stains on black clothes, and for a roll on, that is somewhat of an achievement. I would repurchase this. Lastly, I've used up my peppermint pumice foot scrub by The Body Shop - I do love the peppermint range, its so amazing for tired feet. I have a sneaky feeling summer will suddenly appear one day so I'm trying to be prepared for the sandals when it does.

Sooo thats everything, I think I've done quite well! Have you tried any of these products? What have you used up this month?

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