NOTD #4: Stiletto Nails

I've been gone a looong time. I'm back now though! I've had a little re-design of the blog to try and make it a bit cleaner. Let me know what you think!

I've been swooning over stiletto nails for some time now, ever since I saw them on Lana Del Rey and I filled my Pinterest Style board with images of her and her nails. This mild obsession meant that I MUST have stiletto nails that I can call my own. I'm not a huge fan of acrylics, for me they are a little bit permanent, so I searched my faithful friend Ebay and bagged these babies for an absolute bargain. These I believe are a medium length, and they came in two colour options of natural and clear. I opted for the natural - no particular reason, I wasn't sure there was a huge difference between the two. I've painted mine with Ciate's Cutie Pie.

I think Stiletto nails have a lovely elegance about them and they certainly make a statement! However, I'm not used to having such long nails so for me typing (and basically everything else too) was certainly a challenge. I had mine on for about three days, specifically for a night out, and after that I snapped them all off. I would wear these again though! I'm sure with some time I would get used to them, because they look so good.

I purchased mine from HERE in the teeny pack of 24 for £3.29 (One wear, just lots of different nail sizes). I think I'll be buying the larger pack though!

Do you like Stiletto nails? How would you wear them?