Mizon Fruit Therapy Apple Juicy Peeling Gel

I've been reading a little bit into Korean skincare lately, and I thought I'd try a product that seems to be a staple part of their range with lots of brands: Peeling Gels.

So what IS a peeling gel? Well, it seems to be another form of exfoliator, however this one works with gentle fruit acids that you rub into dry skin, and it literally peels off dead skin cells to leave you with fresh exfoliated skin.

I had a little hunt around and peeling gels seem quite hard to get hold of in the UK, so I looked on ebay and like an old friend, it came through for me. I found this Mizon Apple peeling gel that I manged to get off a UK seller for just under a fiver. Bargain!

So if you can't read Korean, don't worry, the tube has English all over it.

As Mizon put it:

"Natural cellulose rolls up with the dead skin cells, sebum and skin wastes when rubbed. The smooth texture of gommage peeling gel works on skin mildly without irritation. Apple and sugar cane maple extracts moisturise and smooth skin after exfoliation."

So this is really easy to use. You pop small amount onto your clean dry skin, and you just rub it, and the product does the rest. I don't think it really smells of apple that much but it has a light pleasant smell to it.

So in fact it doesn't look pleasant but it does do what it promises to do. I am quite sceptical as to whether it REALLY does anything to the dead skin cells or whether the product does roll up, but it does make my skin feel smooth like it never has before, and it feels clean, reaaally clean.

If you'd like to try it, I can't find a particular retailer that stocks it in the UK, but you can get one off ebay for about £8.

Have you ever tried peeling gels?

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